What Is CBD?

Yeah I think we’ve got a couple of restaurants we have Woodbury kitchen down in Baltimore they use it for bread service where people are dairy free and they don’t want to have butter for their bread. They basically put it out on a plate and make a really nice kind of presentation with a because it’s brilliant it’s freed and viable.

Yeah it is. It is people who are listening if you’d never seen it or tried it do yourself a favor and give it a try. And I also want to make sure people that are listening that are new to CBD and him know that we’re talking about right now hemp seed oil because Josh happens to be a producer of not just CBD oil CBD products but hemp seed oil as well and I think you know it’s really quite unique what you do because most a lot of brands who make a CBD oil they have to use a cure or oil that they typically are not producing themselves but you actually produce your own career oil correct.

That’s right. It’s very important to our model. You know we’re trying to really source local crops and provide that local crop to local populations. So it’s very I don’t think we would be doing CBD currently if we weren’t able to produce the majority of the CBD carrier oil in house.

The Right Type Of CBD Company

Honestly it really wouldn’t fit kind of our are our goals and outlook as a company. So yeah one of our goals is you know from the get go was to bring cannabis oil into that same sort of model where we have the carrier oil is sourced locally produced locally and then our CBD is also produced right here in the Susquehanna Valley. And I’m very proud of that fact because I don’t believe any other CBD company can offer that sort of in-house vertically integrated sort of model. And that’s really what we’re about is is building agriculture from the farmer level up and I think as long as we can convey that concept to our potential customers they’ll agree with that and be happy to be a part of that moving forward.

Yeah yeah. So have you had most people you say most the customers are local Pennsylvanians or do you have a lot of people ordering online.

We do have a pretty good online presence for oils and you know had a little bit of challenge with credit cards lately.
I think a lot of what have you.

Good Online CBD Suppliers

Yeah yeah we’re we’re struggling we had a Susquehanna hemp co dot.com was up and we we lost our our credit card processor actually lost two of them really quickly. So we’re in the midst of trying to revamp that right now.

But yeah well we ship oil all over the country currently are our edible oils or our salad oil canola oil sunflower oil all that jazz and a lot of those customers see that we have other oils and they buy those as well.

But you know basically from a you know a network of distribution we’re not really. I know this sounds un-American really to not try to conquer the world but I really I really feel like agriculture should be a regional local sort of choice for people and I’m not interested in having that national brand.

I’m really interested in having a very specific regional option for people who need or want to use CBD as well as other food oils.
Yeah and that’s great and that’s what we’re doing at my my dad’s store he’s selling on did very well to the fact that you know they’re getting a Pennsylvania wholly Pennsylvania made CBD hemp product.

Yeah that partnership has been going going very well. I’m actually excited he and I have a meeting tomorrow. I’m kind of excited to see how he talks about you know how that store is progressing and I guess he’s he’s doing well and and looking to add a couple other stores here in the near future.

One unique product that we have all been raving about is the combustion the CBD college.

Sure. Yeah. I’m actually having some right now for breakfast Believe it or not I do.

If I had some here I’d be having it as well so tell us the story of that. That was some local farmers near you that decided to make that with your half correct.

Yeah. Yeah we. I’m pretty active. We’ve got a couple of really great farmer’s markets here in our area and I’m a board member of both of them. And as I was last fall we had a new vendor come in want to sell come Burchill Well that’s the kind of thing you see come and go there’s all kinds of people that want to start off and then they realize how hard it is to to build a brand. And they kind of quit. About halfway through so at our market I think we’ve had four or five people that have tried to really push garbage as a business model and have failed at it. Well this is a young couple that decided they wanted to make make a living from their own land and started making gumboots. And they were making. I mean beyond the hemp I mean they had some great wonderful combos. Not too sweet not too sugary. You know just just this this wonderful sort of approach it more the healthful end of Caboolture. But just enough balance of wonderful flavor that really made a great thing. Well the first day that they came to our our market the woman that runs the operation Katie comes up to me and she just be lines right for me. She said you’re the hemp guy. And I said well I kind of am but what can I do for you. So she threw this at me. This is a dream of hers is to produce a hemp Cambodia and ideally it was just using hemp tea. That was her ideas to make this hemp tea that would kind of transcend into this. You know this opportunity because right now everything hemp is is pretty hot and they knew that there was an opportunity there to make a make a really good product.

What Is CBD And What Can It Do For You?

So initially we went out into a hemp field of think it was a dual purpose variety that I had gotten from Valley bio in Ontario. So it was oil seed variety but we cut it before the oil seed had actually formed and they took that the stocks dried the product down created a biomass made a t out of it out of the biomass and then they had to add a play with the Scobey.

That’s that’s used to make the combo chip to really find a balance that worked for it but they made a really really lovely effervescence lights. But definitely happy sort of come Boucher. That’s kind of where it started. That was prior to us having our own CBD biomass available. So they came back to me this winter and said well hey we really want to make we want to try this CBD biomass and see if that makes a really good beverage.

And we’ve been struggling with like trying to get it to stabilize for more commercial use but the flavor is absolutely outstanding if you like the flavor of of hemp hemp seeds or hemp biomass or whatever if you like that flavor. This stuff is absolutely perfectly captured the essence of hemp.

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