Is Canabis Oil The Same As Hemp Oil?

Can Canabis Oil Be Effective?

Yeah we saw that as an opportunity early on and a necessity to try to be able to source good quality genetics and be able to you know especially for my own growers or we’ve actually provided clones and and feminized seed starts to more than just my own permitted growers. We’ve got several people that we’re helping out a couple of universities as well. So we were able to like setup two separate cloning operations. We have a we have a greenhouse operation which is much bigger and then I have a small indoor propagation area here at my mill currently. And we’ve been able to produce all of the seedlings and clones that we’ve needed for probably close to 20 acres here this year in a very short period of time.

I mean obviously there’s not books out there that tell you how to grow CBD but we have a pretty proud of our team our team has really picked it up and learned a lot. I’ve had to make an efficient production system to produce these seedlings that need to go get transplanted out into the field for production.

The Best CBD Oils

That’s great. It’s great. It seems like you guys are really dipping into all the different aspects of the space and there are so many. Sure. Yeah yeah that’s that’s great. So I think a lot of people are curious too is I get a lot of questions on the basic differences between the hemp seed oil and a CBD oil and I think people understand those but where does the protein.

Because I know you guys also make there’s a protein powder right that you make from him as well as the hemp seed oil just the seed oil. But people can purchase from you but what is that. Where’s the protein. How was that made.

All right. So it’s made a couple of different ways. What we have here in our bill is we have like I said German made expel or mills. So that’s a very low temperature physical process to remove the oil from the oil seed once promising them.

Yeah. Yeah. Crush them right.

Yeah. Yeah. Well they call it an X feller which is essentially you’re using pressure and friction that’s created by that pressure to do the work of pulling the oil from the oil seed. So it’s a completely mechanical process. And what you’re left with once the oil is out is that you now have the remaining portion of the seed and the hole that doesn’t have the oil.

So then once the oil has been removed then it can be further processed into a flower or a well hemp protein. So it makes it very very nice. It’s about thirty five 33 percent protein component. It’s delicious. It’s nutty It’s flavorful. A lot of those guys that are out there that are are there’s a lot of us people that are looking for gluten free options. They really are attracted to the hemp protein sort of concept in cooking or we’ve got we have another product now that’s a lot of people are using in their smoothies adding it to their breakfast routine where they’re creating their energy drink or after work out recovery sort of thing. So it’s an exciting area right there in this in this protein powder. So what we did is we weren’t really tooled up to to mill it further in the mill here. So our expel our mills create like a little pellet that is basically the leftover seed haul and then we’ve partnered with a group down in Halifax P.A. a flour mill that was able to take that and then millet to something that would be similar to a flour that could be used in bakeries and baked goods and kitchen applications or obviously blends up very very well in a like a protein shakes or thing. And so we partnered up with them. They were able they had the food grade the mills the the stone mill the bagging operation and we use them to help us get to that point. And we produced about 10000 pounds of flour this year and it was it was just interesting to see all of these other businesses these other value added further processing businesses really latch on to wanting to use hemp flour. So we were able to find these other groups and make that product available to them and then that will be you know further on down the line.

It’s just moving the whole hemp industry further by developing more products.

Yeah I’m curious with that baking the flour hemp flour I think a lot of people want to know with hemp flour you can bake it and get it to high temperatures like heat wise but hemp seed oil you don’t want to do that right. You don’t cook with it you don’t fry with it.

Yeah. So hemp seed oil has a really good level of a mega three which is a super healthy oil for humans and for your health. The problem with a mega three is it’s fairly unstable. It’s a very unsaturated fats and that makes it prone to oxidation.
So yeah any time that you have an elevated temperature for a period of time or even light for actually beat him with the amount of chlorophyll that’s in it is it somewhat prone to photo oxidation as well. So you have to be kind of careful about the temperatures that you use hemp seed oil. But we’ve you know we’ve had good results several bakeries have really kind of latched on to that the hemp protein and made breads we have a company in Lancaster that’s making a soft pretzel line which is I think they have it in a couple of major supermarket chains. It’s delicious absolutely delicious. I don’t know what the inclusion of the hemp protein is in their mix I would think it’s probably minor because it doesn’t it doesn’t have any gluten. So you know for those of us that enjoy gluten and really good bread it’s not going to make really good bread for us. I mean those folks that are really going for gluten free options and they’ve figured out how to make bread like products without gluten you know it’s going to it’s going to be a nice addition to what they have to be able to make things out of. But yeah I see I see a great potential there including this product in in other things we actually also use the hemp protein. We have a soap line. We have liquid soap line and a bar soap line and we add it into the bar so as kind of like not like pumice but like just a little bit of an abrasion portion in there makes a really good scrub.

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I love that stuff. I use it. It’s great. So that’s what I mean.

And it gets really really latched on to that. So we’ve got. I mean I’d never thought in a million years that we would be selling that much bar soap. But it’s it’s been really quite nice.

So the hemp seed oil. What are some good uses of it for people. I personally put it on salad and I also just will just eat a spoonful of it. But I think it’s delicious on a lot of places where you would have used olive oil just not just for cooking.

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