How To Use CBD Oil

I had a viewer recently request this topic CBD for PTSD and I started doing a little more research into it. And there’s actually a very good amount of data on CBD for PTSD as well as just cannabis in general for PTSD. That includes THC, of course, and medical marijuana. There’s a lot more data on this comparatively to other conditions that people use cannabis for. This would be up there with much, very well demonstrated applications. Excuse me. This is up there with in terms of how much data we have. This is up there. I think it’s pretty close to applications for cannabis, like for nausea and for appetite where we have a lot of data.

A lot of human data. And it’s very well demonstrated anyway. CBD oil for PTSD, just to give you the overhead view, here is its micro application of the overall general application of CBD oil for anxiety. So one of the areas where CBD really seems to shine and this is confirmed from animal studies, it’s confirmed from anecdotal evidence and it’s also confirmed by human clinical trials, especially one really interesting one that I’m gonna get to in this one in this podcast. But and I’ll always, of course, link to all these studies below. Shout out to projects CBD for having such a good collection. That was really useful for my research. Thank you to Martin over our project CPD for always staying up to date on all this stuff. But like I was saying, CBD will for PTSD is a micro application of using CBD for anxiety because with PTSD what is often the case and I’m I I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced it. I think I have, but I can’t say for sure because I can’t self-diagnosis myself for something like this. But I think I understand it pretty well, is that it’s a it’s an it’s an anxiety response to a it’s a overexaggerated fear and anxiety response either to a past memory or triggered by something related to a past event. And that’s very general. So it could be anything. Obviously, war soldiers dealing with PTSD, that’s probably the most well-known example. But of course, things like violence, sexual abuse, these are all causes for PTSD and there’s plenty of others as well. So PTSD, just like anxiety or pretty general, I think, descriptions of conditions that people have for all kinds of different reasons. But I’m not a psychiatrist, so I can’t go into the utmost of detail on that.

I think most of us to understand what it is and what happens to people in that it is a terrible condition that can actually obviously be fatal. So with CBD and how it might be able to help people with PTSD and how people with PTSD are using it is to calm their anxiety to promote a more relaxed state of mind. And then it actually goes deeper, though, because with the endo cannabinoid system, there is evidence and study going on on how how the NDA cannabinoid system is related to. Memories and more specifically, the extinction. So the destruction or the death of fear based memories. Memories that are inducing a fear and there is a good bit of evidence that the I think the famous saying was by. It was an Italian researcher that a long time ago said that the purpose of the endo cannabinoid system could be put this way. It’s what makes us forget. He’ll protect. I’m forgetting one of the other ones. I’ll find the quote and put it in in the description box below. Because I don’t want to get it wrong here. But basically what this what this guy was saying, I think he was from Italy. He was a researcher of CBD heat. I think he still works in the field, but that our endo cannabinoid system actually plays a role in all these important aspects of our lives. Things like forgetting memories that are no longer useful or detrimental, things like remembering to eat or of things like promoting us to eat these natural important processes in the body. And of course, it’s it’s much more complex than I’m making it out here. In this podcast. But as I said, I try to keep these simple and gives you an overhead view and then you can go dove into the deeper into the research if you’d like.

And speaking of some of the research I looked at, there was one case study in particular that was very interesting. It was using a CBD hemp oil with a CBD vape because what you have to realize when you dove into these studies, you’re going to encounter different forms of CBD being used sometimes at the CBD, hemp oil like it was in this one. Sometimes it is a CBD, cannabis, marijuana, oil, like an epic dialects or it can be. Sometimes it’s an isolate where there was just pure CBD used. Sometimes it is CVD CBD study where they used to CBD mixed with THC like in the form of Saddleback of. So you have to really the devil is in the details as usual. You have to look at what they were using. But this case study, I recommend you really look into it. I’ll post it at the top of the other studies. It was a case study of a of a young girl. I think she was eleven who had strong symptoms of PTSD from past events in her life. And CBD was used to help with anxiety during the day. As well as sleep at night. And it was successful in this case study. Now, of course, this is just one case study. So we’re still at that stage where every single study ends with we need more data. We need more research on this and that this is a good sign that we need more research. That’s how a lot of these and I’ve mentioned that before. But just to point to even more evidence. I had an interview with Dr. Blair, who works with CBD, with his patients. You can find that interview. I’ll make sure to link you to that. But I asked him, I think, what was the top three reasons or top three best applications he’s seen with CBD in his practice and PTSD was one of them.

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