Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil?

Hemp Oil

It really does it tastes like a really you can taste the trappings of the hemp so you have to like that. It’s not a flavor product which I want to talk to you about your own CBD tinctures but so this is definitely the computers for people that really like the flavor of cannabis and all its components and but it’s also she was going for I have tea because kombucha is made from tea I’ve made it before one time and I remember we made it from a black tea.

But I guess what happened was they they got the CBD in there well they they were they were able to do decoder box relations step with boiling the water to make the tea. So hopefully and of course we haven’t quantified it through testing yet because we really haven’t gotten the product exactly where we need it to be for sale. Still a prototype. Yeah it is a prototype but I mean everyone who’s had it. They are so overwhelmingly positive right. Yeah well positive but also they do feel the calming effects.
Oh yeah yeah it’s in there it’s in there. Right.

How Much CBD

But I’d like to figure out the precise amount of CBD. I mean that’s that’s kind of important this people are dosing or using CBD for specific things. I mean you need to know the milligrams of CBD and if it’s a beverage. Say it’s a 16 ounce bottle of Boucher wouldn’t it be great to know that there’s 20 milligrams of CBD in that bottle. So if you drink one there might be your dosage for the day or your dosage for the morning or whatever it ends up being. I think it’s critical to kind of get that quantified and I think there’s some legalities with beverages right now and you know the books being written on how this is all going to develop in in our food system I think.

So it’s it’s kind of an interesting thing.

Yeah. And forever I called it come Buka. But now I know it’s confusing.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with however you say it it’s good. Just call it that.

Great Hemp Makes A Great Product

So what’s your plans. What’s your what’s going next for you. I mean you’ve got so many products you’ve got. I just want to let people in know because I think most people listening. They haven’t tried your brand yet. Likely to haven’t seen it or come across it so Susquehanna hemp company they sell all types of products that you’ve got tinctures topical. Which come in a nice stick. You’ve got the seed oil the protein the flower the soap. Am I missing anything. Kombucha I think it’s not online though. But am I missing any other product that you have anything you wrote.

We have the liquid soaps and we also will deliver it so yeah we have a capsule so I think I’m saying that correct.

Castiel Yeah similar to like a Dr. Brenner’s base I guess.

Yeah yeah very very similar Yep. We’ve we actually started producing that early on one of our first oilseed crops. We started producing that soup. I had a soap maker come demands. They are interested in making it. I said Well great. Make me some too. So instead of reinventing the wheel I partnered up with those guys and now they’re producing and where it will sell quite a bit of that a lot of restaurants are using that in there in their bathrooms because if people are looking for local food products they’re even more impressed when they see local soap that’s in there in the restroom for washing hands which is kind of neat. We also are working on a couple of lotions currently. We’ve partnered up with a couple of chiropractor offices that do therapeutic massage or scraping which is another thing I think they do and they they’re looking for something that can integrate into you know the services that they provide at the car park your office but then have additional benefits. So the CBD component of a lotion as has really helped people with specific back pain muscle injury that sort of thing.

So we’re currently we haven’t quite fully developed solution yet but we have got a bunch of prototypes out we’ve got a lot of people giving us solid feedback on that. I would expect to see this lotion come out with the next month or so be available commercially beyond our SAB sticks that we currently produce which are we can’t keep up.

Is this so exciting. The lotion I’m going to talk about the sticks in a second but the lotion. So would that be like a white like a body lotion kind of thing like a that type of consistency.

Yeah. Yeah just like any other moisturizer or lotion that’s there’s a bazillion brands that are available out there but the whole thing with with our model is that we want to source everything in the mid Atlantic.

Yeah. Yep. From your own fields essentially. That’s correct. Yeah.

The Best Hemp Oil On The Market

Yep that’s correct. And actually we’ve been talking about adding some other production of herbs and some other ingredients like in our.

Luckily we’re a fairly small farmer so we can do individual plots of oddball things. So like we’re I had a restaurant come at me they want me to grow lentils for them. So like there’s just a off ball kind of sideline example of your average farmer doesn’t grow lentils but I guess we’re not your average farmer. So like we’ve added lentils but like our SAP sticks like one of the ingredients in our cooling SAP is Birch leaf. So in the wintertime we had to buy Birch leaf in that we’re in Pennsylvania Birch grows everywhere. So like right now harvesting our own birch leaves for our own slapstick production which is kind of interesting.
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I want to tell people about the sticks check those out. I’ll have those linked of course in the show notes but these sticks are an interesting way to use CBD. It’s a topical and they come in two varieties right now. There’s the cane and the National Right. Or is that with the birch the natural.

Well we have a cooling and a warming concept so the cooling one is the one with birch. The warming one has the warming is kind of like an icy hot sort of thing.

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