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A CBD Primer

Wow. That’s a very clear way to put it. It’s a lot lower than I think the typical serving size is for many products because many products that I encounter. It has people you know they’re not going to break open a capsule. So I think I see why you see it to use a liquid product because it gives you more control is that right.

Correct. Yeah. I mean when we do look at where the sweet spot in a full spectrum is is line for most of America we find that most people are between one and milligrams with the greatest percentage of that sweet spot being between and twenty five.

Yes that’s that’s what I’m used to and that’s what I often we’ll talk about on the channel but there are people and my I have a business partner he would react to like like two milligrams so and he wasn’t the sensitive type of person though because he is from just knowing him for a while. That’s not the type of person you. So everyone is different. And I think it’s especially true for people that I would call cannabis na├»ve that don’t use any cannabis products. Never have and I think it’s especially important for them. I know people get sick of hearing this but start low and go slow like you said.

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I’ve definitely seen people. I mean I met a woman a couple trips ago and up in Colorado and she had tried our green products started at mg milligram over stimulated her well she moved down into our raw product. She took three milligrams of our raw which is mostly CBD a most of that product can’t even cross the blood brain barrier. She still was overstimulated. She’s taking one six tenth of a dose and that’s when she sees that inflammatory response is improved her health is better and she sees improvement to our eczema any more than that is problematic for her. I met a woman who takes one milligram every other day fat soluble CBD has a hour half life in the body. So I see some people who take it every other day. It’s totally unique to every single person. And really I mean my biggest hope and I know this sounds counterintuitive for somebody who works as you said for a company that sells a product. But when we look at how CBD functions it’s not a replacement for something the body makes we make and cannabinoids but CBD.

And our endo cannabinoids are very different in their chemical structure. The CBD doesn’t fit like a lock and key in the cannabinoid receptor. It only comes up alongside it. It affects it in essence nourishes and supports it. And through that support the endo cannabinoid system starts to once again have the ability to make and utilize its own internal cannabinoids. So we’re simply with full spectrum hemp extracts feeding the endo cannabinoid system nourishing that system with the hope that through consistent support we can wake it back up and it will start to do its job for us. So if we look at this as an opportunity to feed the body what I see in people who are really consistent with small amounts of our products over time is that they tend to be able to take their dose down within three to six months.

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Oh really. OK. One of my favorite things about it is when I run into people and we see this very often in people who have dealt with chronic treatment resistant conditions often that have had to utilize a lot of pharmaceutical help and especially like pain killers. Yeah well yeah we know that those things damage the end cannabinoid system. So often I’ll find in those groups they may start at a high dose need but as they keep improving and keep improving and maintain consistency and further modulate their endo cannabinoid system if they start playing with it they tell. That they’re able to bring their doses down now which is huge.

Yeah that is amazing. They’re able to bring their doses just to clarify of the CBD down or off of painkillers.

Well we see we see both. I was talking about the CDC. OK. We do see that people when we look just at the anecdotal evidence that’s coming out that people are typically lowering dose or getting off of prescription meds.

It’s one of my favorite things about CBD is that it can help people do that because I always knew that painkillers were a problem. I mean it’s nothing new that you know China and many countries had years of opiate addiction but I never thought it would get as bad as it has in this country. I mean like I said I was just in Europe and I was telling them about it and they were very surprised because they just don’t even know how bad it is with the opiate epidemic here in America.

So this that’s one of the most exciting things I think about CBD is it can save people from that road you know and that that outcome what a hundred percent agree with you and because of those benefits people are seeing their doctors are starting to also be interested in learning about CBD. I feel like the benefits are bred Jean these two worlds of a holistic health and personal responsibility. And then Elop had a conventional treatment care together and we really are stronger when we work together.

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Yeah I think the best doctors are open to you know both eastern and western medicine and I never liked the approach of like one is better than the other they’re just they’re not mutually exclusive. They never were. I mean I think in the history of time doctors you know if you look back they did both the traditional holistic stuff. It’s only in recent times that it has become so segregated. And I love seeing as you said them starting to merge. And I wanted to ask you because I did some reading about you. You have a background in in wellness and in those types of things would you would you tell us a little bit about your background.

Yeah I kind of fell into a holistic health and nutrition randomly.

I was living down on a sailboat in Mexico and I was living mostly on food that either came from the ocean or was grown on the land. None of it was processed and I saw my health it totally change the years of the eggs I battled with that got health problems kind of the emotional mood issues I dealt with. They all kind of evaporated in those two years and it really made me realize it’s the food stupid. It’s the food it’s the food the medicine I was receiving to help me with what the food was causing was only making the problem worse. And it really inspired me to really embrace personal responsibility in my health and learn anything and everything I could about nutrition and wellness. And it kind of last started this journey where I ended up becoming a personal trainer and then I worked as an you got certified as a nutritionist worked in both of those fields. And that led me to the retail side of the supplement world. And through that I was able to secure a position as an educator in the holistic health industry where my platform grew and I was able to travel nationally and share my passion with the country.

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