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And they’re so resilient. I mean they don’t really have any issue like other plants have grown. I’ve grown everything from tomatoes all kinds of vegetables mostly but they always have some weird thing that you can either ignore or resolve if you want to have a better quality fruit. But these have no problems. They’re just perfectly green and very resilient plants jaw.
They grow sometimes up to like you can watch them in a day. So before we get into the specifics of your farming I like to tell people about your background how did you go from being born and born and raised P.A. into being one of the actually the first Josh was the first ham farmer NPA. Is that right.

Legally Grown Hemp

Well we were the first permitted person to legally plant hemp in Pennsylvania. In 2017 you know is it. The opportunity came in front of us. I felt that there was something to be said about being first into the game. So that’s what our mission was. So yeah when our permits first came out there was 13 permitted growers in Pennsylvania. And I sent one of my guys down to Harrisburg to pick up the seed it all had to come through the Department of State Department of Ag originally and I sent a guy down there the moment the stuff showed up. He rushed it back up here and we got it planted in the ground first. So we did a Facebook live feed of that action which was you know if you’re not first you’re last so we figured we’d better go for it right.
Yeah yeah. So where is your farm or your word.

Well we you farm well so we’re we’re essentially located in like Coleman County and I I rent quite a bit of ground around here mostly and like combing County but this particular year I partnered up with a bunch of other growers that are a little further out. We’ve got some guys in Union County a couple of guys in Columbia County specifically vegetable produce growers and a couple of tobacco growers that we’re working with this year for our CBD production just because that’s the only experience we had to draw from in Pennsylvania. So I felt that it was a good move for us and our organization to try to like partner up with people that have you know just a better shot at making this a very successful crop for us. But my personal farms we farm about 250 acres right here within you know within an hour of of our central location and this is farms you can do before CBD in half right. Yeah we started farming about seven years ago I guess to preload this. We’re an oil seed manufacturer Susquehanna Mills has been in business for about 14 years and we make canola and sunflower and soybean and any other CBD oil seeds that we could potentially grow here in the mid-Atlantic region.

Locally Grown CBD Oil

We process those through some German made speller mills and produce really high quality farm to table. Locally grown oil seed crops that are turned into edible culinary oils. So where this began and for us for farming is I started a business without knowing anything about agriculture or not knowing enough you know I knew something but I didn’t know what I needed to know. And you really can’t. Buffalo a farmer you know farmers have seen it all come down the path here in front of them. So I felt that for us to be a really good resource for our contracted growers of canola and sunflowers. I should probably figure out how to do it the best that it can be done. So that’s why we started to farm originally and and as a young farmer it’s kind of hard.
You have to take some substandard pieces of land because all of the really good pieces of land are usually already farmed by other older farmers that have been in the business for a little while. So that’s why we started farming originally used to be a better resource for our growers that are growing our canola and sunflower.

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Where can you find the best CBD oil UK? So we’ve been farming for about seven years and we’ve kind of do do the most have canola on some farm which product is your is your main thing.

Well sure. Most most is is canola. We make a lot of frying and salad oil that’s used in a lot of universities here in the mid-Atlantic.

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