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Yeah. It’s interesting that it’s about the term means because that was a lot of cannabis studies have been done on THC. It’s a THC CBD combo that’s made in England. That’s a pharmaceutical version of the plant oil. It’s a pharma made plant product. It’s weird it’s not common at all. It’s called sound effects but they’ve studied it for M.S. and people with M.S. can sometimes get a script for it but I think what you said to add to what you said is that it’s great that it can come from your field from your team to this person without a script without a doctor without all that insurance stuff. You know people can just have access to these products. It’s not a big obstacle anymore to access the benefits of these products for people that it can help. Sure. If and it comes from the field that’s what’s you know that’s the whole connection there of it being you growing that and extracting the whole product bottling in everything and that seems like that was your goal from the beginning was to be fully focused operation from field to table or field to a bottle or however you want to say it to be able to get people this additional supplement that they need that’s grown from their neighbors their neighbors can grow it in their fields which is is pretty exciting right. Yes I have an opportunity to pull that together and Josh’s fields are in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania some of the best hiking that in the world. That’s where I started to hike I guess the most famous trail that’s deer you is that that loyal sock trail.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. The loyal sock trail actually. Yep. It’s I think part of it crosses just above 6 6 miles north of my home actually.
Yeah. Well anywhere near the river the levels you’re near the little stock river right. Yeah. I currently live on the loyal side. Yeah yeah. That’s great. So have you ever. I’m assuming this isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania because we’re kind of shrewd people and careful is that you’ve not had any issues with people like curious hooligans trying to get into the hemp fields.

CBD Without THC

No. The first year we put signs up that said put our research permit no department of bag. This is industrial hemp. This does not contain THC. We were really kind of worried about that initially we put signs up the first year we were in a in a very very rural very dominated by Mennonites and Amish. In that realm we had zero problems. None. No one messed with it. They looked at it everybody slowed down it was right on a hard road so people were driving by it often and probably probably the signs brought more attention to it than what the plant itself would have to think.

The signs would actually bring more Well the signs advertise that there’s no THC which is good but they definitely bring attention right. Find the best CBD vape juice UK.

The CBD Production Process

And you know kids are going to. People are going to be what people are and of course they’re still going to try to steal some but we don’t really have any issue at all in that that first year in production the second year we got a little guts here. Like I on that particular farm we upped our acreage as we did about twenty five acres on that farm in 2018 and then I farmed a couple that was an organic farm is where we first started with I’m a conventional farmer so my ground hasn’t been certified as organic yet so I grew 14 acres and part of it was actually on a major traveled route route eighty seven which basically goes from Williamsport all the way up to New York and I write on the side of the road. It was we grow right there I didn’t put a sign up or anything and we really didn’t have any major issues until later on. We had a couple of teenagers kind of standing in there wide eyed thinking they they won the lottery or something but for the most part you know it’s not marijuana and people who know what marijuana looks like field hemp is not going to look like marijuana it’s not going to be produced in the same way.
So I don’t really see that as a major problem in the future. I do see a problem with CBD production and people that are involved in illegal marijuana production because it does look the same. It’s grown the same it smells the same it probably is the same.
I mean I got it out my prop it’s on the patio right now.

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So I explain that it’s not that some of it is right now this year some of our acres are are also on pretty close to main roads of our CBD production so that’s grown typically on plastic with irrigation like 6 4 5 6 foot on center in rows and it grows it actually starts looking like Christmas trees before too awful long. Some of our are some of our plants or is as big as 3 feet now. Where can you buy CBD oil?
And yeah yeah I have I have the I have 6 foot stakes in them and they’re almost the you know they’re getting to 4.5 feet. Yeah.
Wow. Wow. That’s crazy. So I do anticipate potentially some problems this year with that and I had some friends in New York last year that did have some issues. They had a couple of plants that they had just put them in a compost pile to see how big they got and I guess they got enormous like 10 12 feet high full of buds and they were going to harvest them the next day. They came in to work and they were gone. Someone had taken them and I hate.

Sometimes what people do but that’s the reality.

But the reality is like if you were in the business of selling illegal marijuana this is one way that you could double the weight of you.

Oh yeah. Oh yes people do. I don’t want to give people ideas but that is what happens.

Yeah. Yeah. So I think there needs to be some due diligence in production of where this stuff is that so. Like for instance here where my shop is that like we’ve got a local police officer over here. Well there’s two officers in this in this office it’s right across the road here. I brought them both over like right off right when we got started. I said hey here’s my permit. Here’s what we’re doing. I just want you guys to be completely aware of what’s happening in case you happen to see something a little shady happening like somebody try to break into my building or something.

Is that something you would recommend to any of the listeners who are also hemp growers to do that something like that.
Absolutely. Like just notify you know law enforcement should. Be notified through the Department of Ag but you know with it going through all the make that connection honor you have to do it yourself and your due diligence. Let people know what’s going on and just be transparent with that to a certain degree with the police. Yeah. Yeah. It just makes your life a lot better if you’re permitted and you’re doing everything right. There’s no reason whatsoever to be concerned about police so you might as well just right upfront say hey this is what’s going on. And I’ve found that they respond very very positively to that. They you know so interesting to think that through. But yeah I don’t think things need to be guarded or fenced in or anything like that. But I think some education needs to take place and what crops are what. And you know you need to keep an eye on things for sure and CBT production is. It needs attention. It’s not a crop that you just planted and come back in three months and there it is. You do need to pay attention to it it needs water to needs looked after it needs to be you know you’ve got to keep an eye out for in case a male did happen to get into your field if you have a male plant that even feminized seed has the chance of one in Brazilian being a male plant or if maybe seeds came from a not a great source like if plants came from a breeder that really doesn’t know what they’re doing yet there’s a potential of having more male seeds. I’ve heard these stories of people buying thousands of dollars of seeds and the current market for high CBD seeds is like a dollar fifty a seed it’s it’s outrageous. So imagine if you buy ten thousand dollars with the seeds and you plant them in your field and you find out like halfway down the road that 50 percent of them are males. That’s a bad situation. There’s all kinds of issues and things to be considering. So like I think when people are talking about paying attention to their crop they need to be walking these fields every day and he’d be making sure these plants are doing well. There’s enough money in CBD production right now. I think it merits that sort of that attention.

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