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It is I mean we went through a whole evolution of our retail line over the years here where we.

We started out with glass bottles and we had some bigger ones we had some smaller ones where we had mixed results from. We went to glass originally because you know most people that are concerned about chemicals and their health and obviously Glass is a fairly neutral container.

What we didn’t like about that glass containers was that they kept breaking you know people would drop one in the store and that was a problem. Also they were all imported. They were all from Asia from China. You know she didn’t really have any kind of like connection to it.

So we ended up when we re-evaluated our retail line a year ago or two years maybe two years ago we found a supplier right here in Pennsylvania and Hazelton pretty of plastics that makes a really super nice 7 or 15 mil litter.

Great CBD Products For Consumers

They called it an olive oil container in from. Yeah we went from glass to plastic which somebody might like say well that’s not an upgrade that’s a downgrade but you know now my dollars are going to a Pennsylvania company.

You know we now provide our consumer with a with a more value added proposition where you know you can get a lot more oil in a container for a better price. So I think like in this crazy world that we live in I think it was a good move to to switch out our containers over to this other manufacturer and we’re pretty proud of the current product. I think we we’ve kind of hit the nail on the head with a value proposition for the end consumer and it’s reasonable it’s not it’s not outrageously priced so it’s attainable for most most people. How much is that. I think our language fifteen ninety nine is where our hemp seed oil is and of course we have our wool and sunflower that are less. Yeah so but they’re all local which is like you know when you can find something that’s similar to the big commercial industrial products that’s not too far out of whack for a price tag. I think that’s a win for everybody for consumers for farmers for manufacturers for retailers. That’s all we’ve got to do. Everybody needs to win a little bit and we’ll forget about that in business and that’s how. They don’t do so well.

CBD In Hemp Seed Oil

You know Josh I’m still stuck on this CBD in the hemp seed oil but actually I was thinking what I was just trailing off and thinking about it and you know what it doesn’t have any significant mass CBD because it’s all CBD a well which is different to hemp oil.

Well there’s people that talk about the value of CBD a in addition to CBD.

Oh yeah yeah for sure for sure.

And should we explain the difference between that currently for your for your audience there that may.

Yeah I think a lot of people don’t know. So go ahead please. OK. Well I don’t know.

I’m not a chemist by any means but so CBD and THC and cannabis naturally occur as CBD a or THC. So they don’t really become active until they’re converted into just CBD or THC by the car box relation which is basically heat treating that product and tell me if I’m crazy you know probably more about this than I do.

I mean is that. Yeah you’re right. Yeah yeah. Very well explained.

Yeah I’ll have my office go ahead and send over that test result of that that hemp seed oil to you might find that interesting.
Oh yeah I got it I got it. Thank you. The cannabinoids exist in their acid form in the plant and that’s actually why a lot of people like to juice the plant or just use it raw in basically a similar form as as hemp seed oil where it’s how does it even getting in the hemp seed oil is it because some of it gets attached to the seed from the plant.

Yeah I would imagine. I mean typically what happens in the plants is the highest levels of CBD or are right before seed production.

Which CBD Vape Oil UK?

So the plants I don’t know rather it’s a protected or some but I’m not sure how it’s evolved and what it is.

Well actually the theory is that they’re they actually don’t they or whoever they are they don’t the scientists the researchers they don’t know exactly what the purpose of cannabinoids are but one of the strongest theories is that it’s a deterrent for natural predators that would eat the cannabis plant. And also I believe it’s because the is this true you could help me with this is that in the plant the cannabinoids they are physically visible like as a sticky resin right. So you can actually see it. And what that does is it prevents I think he keeps like bugs from looking like they get stuck in it and they can’t attack the plant. So it’s all I think it’s mostly it is all protection. Maybe there’s some pollination involved there for getting attracting things but we obviously use it for something else. Is that does that sound right to you.

Sounds plausible Yeah but as so after your pollination happens the CBD content it goes away games be consumed as the seed production takes place and you know it’s a progression. So you’re at your peak CBD production in the cannabis plant is right before it starts to set seed. So from a production standpoint those are numbers that we need to be looking at from our testing our field crops to make sure that we’re gonna pick harvest our CBD crops at their peak of CBD production. So I’m not sure about like why nature gave it to it but if it’s good for us it’s you know it’s got to be good for the plants. I would imagine so.
Yes. So how does it use up the CBD for the seed it eats it it just consumes it in seed production.

I don’t know but it’s interesting like so the peak of both CBD and THC in hemp is just prior to seed production and then it as seed production happens rather it’s consumed by the act of producing the seeds. But basically that starts to drop down. So these CBD producers that are growing straight varietals that might have seed production are going to get far less CBD per pound than what the guys that are running straight female plants that have no pollination in the field.
How does it work if you have all if it never produces the seeds.

Well it’ll continue to rise and so then there’s another balance that needs to take place and this is part of the challenge in this new industry is that with hemp legislation production legislation we have limitations of THC.

And what’s interesting is like there is a relationship between THC and CBD and even though these varieties are bred. CBD production it’s such a new industry that they really haven’t bred out all of the THC production out of these cannabis varieties. So you have to be very careful that it’ll peak.

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