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So there’ll be a point where you have to be watching the cannabinoids in these plants where you have to keep your your plant under point three percent THC to become that really legal under the new farm bill. But you want to wait as long as you can because the longer you wait the higher the CBD content will go until that threshold is met. That’s when you need to harvest. And in other countries they have a much higher threshold of THC which enables them to get much much higher volumes of CBD in their varietals because they might could let them go to 1 percent or 5 percent of THC and you can extract the THC now and the end product. So I think that will develop as years go by here. They will raise they regulators will will raise that THC threshold to enable farmers to be able to produce because frankly that’s still not a drug. I mean no one would be taking that low THC content for medical reasons or recreational reasons that would be really really poor quality cannabis for those reasons. So I think that there is potential for that threshold changing in the near future trying to figure out what happens to the plant.
So we were discussing if the plant is a feminized version so it never goes to seed and the CBD is at its peak that’s when you want to harvest. Right. What happens if you don’t.

Would the CBD just kind of stay or would it also go away considered marijuana as soon as it became above the point three percent THC. So that’s whereas as a farmer if you have a significant investment in your crop you certainly don’t want your crop to go from a reasonable value per pound to worth nothing because no one will buy it because it’s out of spec it’s a little bit of a challenge they’re in production and that’s where a lot of these farmers this year are are going to be struggling with if they don’t have access to solid testing they could go beyond that threshold and then they could really have a really problem on their hands because if that gets below above a certain point the department that can actually have it ordered destroyed and everything. Yeah.

CBD Versus THC

So if it goes to a certain point the THC can get too hot. Right. That’s correct. Yep. Make it in time right.

If you don’t hear right they’ll actually issue you in order to destroy the crop because at that point you are no longer growing industrial hemp you’re growing in the line is so fine it is it’s very low it’s going to be very challenging and I have a fear that there are a lot of farmers that aren’t prepared for that balance of CBD to THC and are going to have some bad news at the end of the year because they’re going to have product that’s going to be out of spec it’s gonna be difficult to to merchandise that yeah.
You know central well of knowledge we could almost do one of these every week. But the thing I really want to ask you about from your experience is what do you think is going to happen with the potential extraction of THC from a whole field of hemp. Because as you know and I do it’s possible what’s going to happen with it. Well you could take. I mean look you can take. Okay do you know what Rick Simpson oil is. Yeah yeah absolutely. I use that stuff. I think it’s great. It can be a little strong but once your tolerance is up it it’s a really potent concentrated way to intake cannabinoids and you could make it from a field of hemp because you could take all that THC right that there is THC in there you can take it you could extract it. Right.

Yeah yeah. But it’s legalities is what it comes down to is this is we’re not licensed to produce that. So yeah right. So from a commercial standpoint like we do not want that. I mean yet can you possibly use it.

Sure but not in the commercial arena. That’s not a product that I can produce and sell well legally you can’t even produce it.
I think right. But I think there may be a hemp derived component that comes out it could. That could pass it as a we might see something like that. What I’m saying in the next few years.

Cannabinoids And What They Do

Hemp derived THC Well it kind of my my thought my anticipation of this industry is that regulators will increase the the level the limits of THC and then the lower. Yeah. OK. And in turn you’re going to see processors get almost more sophisticated in their extraction techniques and be able to remove the THC or be able to bring the THC below that threshold again. And you hear about this a lot of times where people that have jobs. Are you know that have random drug testing full spectrum CBD has trace amounts of THC in it. Yeah.

Well mind you amounts we just had a guy at the store who failed a drug test. I mean we told him that you know this is full spectrum stuff you could fail. He said I’m going to risk it. And he I mean this is what he told us. But you know he did fail a drug test because of it. So do we know if he was using other products. No. I mean we don’t really know this guy. But the thing is that yes full spectrum. You could. You know it’s got TCE in it you know. Yep that’s what it is. So it’s it’s a cannabinoid they they live together CBD and THC they’re roommates. So where one goes so does the other unless as you’re saying take that step to to remove it. And that stuff’s going to get more sophisticated. I agree with you.

I actually have a meeting tomorrow with a group a gentleman I’ve known for years while I’ve known his father for years here that he has an extraction facility in Oregon one in Vermont and our meeting tomorrow is to to expand our operation here in Pennsylvania.
And one of the things he has is I don’t know everyone has something proprietary but apparently he’s developed a way to more effectively remove the THC from and still kind of keep the full spectrum benefits of the CBD distill it but just remove that that one cannabinoid out of there which we hope that we will be able to have a THC free full spectrum product on the market in about a month from now. You can obviously get isolate but you know everybody has some mixed feelings about isolate isolate.
I don’t believe is as good for you as what a full spectrum tincture would be because there’s that entourage effect of all of the minor cannabinoids of the term beans. We’ve actually seen this as some of the people that we’ve been working with with it told me you told me it was the guy with the term penis right.

Which CBD Vape Juice UK Is Best For Me?

So we’ve got I read an article I don’t recall where it was from I think you and I talked about this where where there was a study done on people with M.S. and they found that there was two specific term beans that were more effective pain management in people with M.S. then both CBD and THC which was just phenomenal to me. So we have this one gentleman that’s actually incidentally one of my growers as well and interested in investing in further development of this industry. He’ll be at the meeting tomorrow as well. We made him a specific tincture that had an elevated amount of CBD and four times the inclusion of term beans and the last test that we had done I really wanted to isolate which Turpin is really really helping him. And we’ve kind of we’ve got him to a point now where we have custom designed a tincture that helps him manage 100 percent of the conditions that he’s affected with from M.S.. And he he still works a full week you know 50 hours a week. He said M.S. for about twenty six years I think he said he takes a zero pharmaceuticals to manage the pain and the condition of M.S. and he is 100 percent using CBD to manage that which is really amazing actually that we can grow something here in Pennsylvania that can help such a debilitating sort of disorder that be a lot so many people need to deal with.

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