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Make sure to visit there for all your CBD product needs. Local farm to bottle products all locally produced in Pennsylvania and extracted right where they’re grown and used the codeword seconds for 25 percent off your second order with them. If you’re not satisfied with your first. Just write them and I’ll give you all your money back.

Rainy morning in Pennsylvania. And talking with Josh of Susquehanna company who’s my guest for today. So Josh welcome to the show. Hey good morning. How are you doing. I’m doing well Josh and I happen to be in the same exact state and we’re both from here right. You’re from Pennsylvania. Yeah. Born and raised. What do you think of these rainy summer mornings. I guess Pennsylvania is kind of like a jungle now because it rains every day.

It’s a little challenging on the agricultural front. But it’s certainly good for growing things. We’re getting more rain than other parts of the world which is good.

I was wondering as long as it doesn’t flood and you just get kind of rain every day consistently it’s going to be great for the crops right.

Some some plants do not do well with excessive rain like we’re growing quite a bit of field hemp or we’ve got some oilseed happened some fiber hemp varieties that are planted and those actually do not do very well with a tremendous amount of rain. Mike last year we had record breaking amounts of rain. So our our crops in the field actually did suffer quite a bit.
Yeah. So you grow all kinds of half which would you say are the most challenging varieties.

Well obviously now our CBD hemp is is just kind of a new frontier for us.

We’re trying to evaluate genetics. We’re trying to evaluate varietals planting techniques you know how much water how little water how much fertility do we need all of those variables. And just trying to we’re trying to learn as we go because the the book really hasn’t been written for production here in Pennsylvania. So we’re kind of creating our our new book if you will.
Yeah. And I I’m taking care of my plants that I’ve bought as little seedlings from you every day. They’re quite large now compared to when I got them from you.

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Sure sure. It seems like the biggest growth of CBD varietals happens like in the third week. They they kind of have to get acclimated to where you plant them and then they start to take off. Yeah.

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