CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks

And that was let’s see, in 18 of the 84 samples, there was some THC present. And other cannabinoids as well, they tested for cannabidiol CBD, a CVG and CBN. But looking for the exact results on how many had THC, CTG was detected up to six point forty three milligram per Molitor in 18 of the 84 samples that were tested. So about a quarter of them had some THC detected. So, I mean, it is a plant oil. So it doesn’t surprise me that there’s all these variations, but it’s really important legally. Of course, for it to have no more than point three percent THC for it to be a CBD hemp oil now. These were all supposed to be CBD oil UK. If they were ordering them off line, they should have been from hemp. And they you know, hemp can come in hot. And that’s why the testing happens. So it can come up over, you know. You’re not going to grow a perfect plant every time. There’s always going to be the same amount of THC. So it doesn’t surprise me that this happened. And the thing where this really is important, though, is the drug tests when people are concerned about a drug test. This is why and they want to use CBD hemp oil and they’re thinking that it might be OK. This is why I tell them generally to stay away from it, because if you get a product, let’s say, and you don’t really do your homework and make sure that product is has no THC in it or is extremely low in THC, you could have a hot product like one of the ones they tested and it can make you feel your drug test. And I’ve had people write to me and say that that has happened to them.

So that is a huge, huge deal. Brandon, over at Healthy Hemp Oil, he has a good article about how I’ll link to that article. I thought. I always thought it was a great article. He he actually goes through the numbers and actually figures out, even if you were using a CBD oil for pain with some THC in it, how much you would have to use to trip the drug test based off the sensitivity of a standard urine analysis for THC. He goes into the details there very well. So you can check that out. Also, check out his website, Healthy Hemp Oil Dot.com. So you can if you want to go that route, you can. But I would say it’s much better to just play it safe and either use a CBD isolate, which is just would just be pure CBD or a product made with a CBD isolate or you really just have to know the company you’re buying from. And really make sure that it’s completely THC free product. And, you know, it’s you’re still might be taking some risk. I mean, there I have read on both sides of this that some people think CBD can convert to teach seeing the body. The last I read that, that this isn’t possible, but then it seems to be a point of argument. So there’s some different arguments on both sides and I’m doing more research on that this week. So I would say to just really, if you are concerned with drug tests, you really need to just if that’s a concern for you because of your job or whatever you’re doing in life. I would just play it safe if you can, and completely avoid any product where there’s any reason to be concerned or that could raise a red flag if something about it.

You’re not sure if it has THC or not. You just need to be careful. CBD Islip would probably be your best bet because that’s kind of the most surefire way to know that you’re just taking in a purified CBD product. But even that you need to check that there’s no on the lab report, that there’s no teach CNN. So this is a bit longer than I usually go with these podcast episodes. I try to keep them kind of short like the videos. But this one is I think this article, this data just came out, but I think it’s gonna get pretty popular. So there was an article about it in time and I’ll link to the Time article as well. It’s a pretty quick summary of the details. But the main takeaway here is that, well, number one, the onus and the responsibility to make sure that you’re getting a good product is really on the consumer in the space right now, because it is not there’s no mommy or daddy kind of watching after to see that all the products are kind of. There’s no, you know, main regulatory agency, which is I don’t think that that’s a reason. I don’t think there is there has to be. I think the main point is that the products have to be tested under certain standards. And those standards have been established, obviously, like the main things to test for. Or being Cabinet content? TURPIN Content. Presence of pesticides, molds and heavy metals and a few other things, of course, that can be tested for those. But those are the main big things that need to be known, of course. You have to make sure that it’s not a hot product in terms of how much THC is in there and all the other things I mentioned as well.

So you think, again, the main takeaway, though, is that. There are some discrepancies still. It’s a new industry, I think this is gonna get better and better as time goes on. And this will be less of a problem in the future, you know. And that percentage of that are labeled correctly is going to be much higher than 30 percent in the future. But the point of is, I think find if you go to find a good brand, if you’re a brand and listening to this, you have to make sure you crossed, you know, just do everything you have to do to release a product that has accurate labeling. I encourage people to try to always find the most recent lab report that you can. If it’s not on the site, just reach out to the company. They’ll just e-mail it to you. If there’s a phone number, you can give them a call. But most companies I’ve never had an issue getting this usually is it’s not a problem. You just have to talk to them and be polite and just ask for it either with an email or a phone call. But I’ve I’ve never really had a problem getting lab results. I’ve had a few issues where not everything is on there that I wanted. Kind of like this one, actually, again. They didn’t test for anything. You know, if I was doing this study and I had the funding to do it, I would have tested for absolutely everything I could have with this. So the point is, I think this is a great wakeup call, you know, to just get more even more aware and more conscious of what is a good CBD product, how to properly use it in different kinds of circumstances, for example, if you have to take drug tests.

How do you know what products to avoid? And also just yet, since this product is being used for kids or for people that might be cannabis na├»ve, meaning they don’t use any THC or marijuana or anything. If it was had too much THC in it and they took a big dose for pain of their CBD oil, you know, if they were used to taking big doses, that could be a problem too, because it could cause a psychoactive effect or or an anxiety effect if they weren’t expecting it. So I think, again, the takeaway is that labs are important. Try to get the most recent labs and try to match them, if you can, with a batch number or just a recent date and just communicate with your with your companies. You know, these companies. Like I said, I never really had an issue with this.

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