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So the European model you know is kind of latching onto all of the opportunities at the same time which is pretty cool. I think that’s a pretty interesting sort of way. So it’ll be interesting to see this thing develop and I guess my advice to everybody is just kind of keep your eyes open and keep an eyeball on what’s happening because it’s really going to it’s going to be ever changing new opportunities are going to present themselves some opportunities are going to go away. I’m hoping that it can change the dynamics in agriculture for farmers and really benefit our region our country internally.

Yes absolutely. Absolutely. And it might. Right. And it might be that euro CBD model that takes off on a large scale that it might prove to be better. Sure. But time will tell and I think the Kraft growers like yourselves will also always have you know the place making a truly original product. Sure. Yep.

The State Of The CBD Industry Today

So thanks again. Josh thank you for all the listeners who tuned in today check out Susquehanna Mills. Oh wait we got to tell people why is it called that can’t end the show without telling people why is it called such a weird name. Probably to anyone that’s not from P.A. that is a very weird looking word. So what is that what does it mean.

Well it says you know Hannah it will Susquehanna is a river a major river that goes for New York all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. And when we form this company 15 years ago I’m thinking OK that’s regional. And we used to struggle with it we used to struggle every time I call it any place other than here or even sometimes here people couldn’t spell Susquehanna. And you know maybe that’s what makes it memorable is that it’s such a bizarre strange name but like it’s for me it’s it’s really about this region. And I don’t really care for it to be easy for people. I think it’s important to kind of tie it to where we are and that identity of our oh yeah it’s a beautiful river. It’s an enormous watershed. It’s it’s a huge I think it is.

And Savannah is it one mile across and some six sections.

Oh yes. You get further down it’s it’s a big river. I mean it’s I mean I don’t think it’s big it’s like the Mississippi but it’s certainly I know certainly it.

Hemp Or CBD?

I think it’s one mile across in certain sections.

Yeah. It gets it gets pretty big it’s a major watershed. And you know so that’s kind of why we chose this name and and obviously when we started Susquehanna mills we weren’t looking to get as far. We basically service a region that’s about you know for our travel circle around us which include you know New Jersey Baltimore Washington D.C. New York Philly Pittsburgh you know we’re in a pretty interesting area to be within reasonable driving and delivery distance to all of these major metropolitan areas which kind of gives us a unique opportunity to service a big area but still be in the middle of rural Pennsylvania where we’ve got farms and tractors go and down the road. And it’s very interesting you know.

Absolutely. And it is just for people to know that mighty Susquehanna is four hundred forty four miles long through Pennsylvania and it is one mile wide and it’s some of its widest sections near our capital Harrisburg and it’s much nicer than Harrisburg.

So visit Susquehanna River instead of here. If you’re ever in Pennsylvania.

Right my in my opinion I like to vote it. It’s super nice.

It is a beautiful river so Susquehanna Mills dot com is the Web site for Joshua’s oil company. That’s the non CBD non hemp stuff. And then the other company’s web website is Susquehanna hemp co dot com and that’s all going to be in the show notes so don’t worry about remembering that you just click on the links in the show notes below. Josh thank you for being here stay on after the show I’d like to talk to you some more. And thanks for having me. Thanks for having a grip. Great to talk with you. We’ll have you on again because you are just a well of information. I know the listeners are going to benefit from this and future episodes.

I’m all about the weekly podcast. That would be thought. All right we’ll talk about that. Yeah. Thank you. All right. They have a great day everybody. All right everybody. Have a great day.

Which CBD Oil UK Is Best For Me

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