CBD Oil For Pain

All right. And we are back in class. This is the theme the CBD professor from CBB school dot com. Your school to learn all about cannabis.

This episode of the CPD school podcast has brought to you by plus CBD oil which has proudly made by sea the sciences. Make sure to visit plus the CBD oil dot com and use the coupon code a CBD school for percent of your order. Again that’s plus CBD oil dot com and use that coupon code CBD school for percent off your order.

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What Can CBD Do For You?

Of today’s episode of the CPD school podcast I am delighted to be joined by Maggie Frank who is an educator at CV sciences. The proud makers of plus CBD oil which is a product every one of you have probably seen on the shelves at shows and anywhere else. Good CBD oil is sold. So Maggie welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate being here.

Yes this is great. So you are an educator. Tell us what that means what’s that all about.

CV sciences I get the awesome privilege of traveling around the country and educating people about CBD about the sources that comes from the cannabis family.

CBD And The Cannabinoid System

Our products are proudly made out of hemp. I also get to educate and often introduce people to the system that CBD nourishes the end of cannabinoid system and talk to them about the importance of bringing him back to the United States not only the benefit we see to our human health but also the benefit hemp gives us to our environment. So I’m really honored to ticket to spread that message.

You know I could not have said that more beautiful you that was very polished and it sounds like you have said that many times and I actually have dirt in my hands because I just got back from planting my family’s first hemp crop.

So I just got chills. That’s so exciting. How fun.

Yeah yeah. So we I just got back to the states. My dad is handling that side of the business and we’re planting it in. I’m in Pennsylvania and hemp has not been grown here for proof. I don’t know. Since the early s probably but back then it was growing a lot. Here there’s even some cities there’s old towns like Hempstead or that are named after him. But of course once prohibition came around it stopped being grown here but it is really cool. And where are you now. I think we were talking a little bit before but just so the listeners know where you’re calling in from.

We’re based our family is based in Jeffersonville Indiana which is the throne a stone’s throw from Louisville Kentucky.

Oh yes. I’ve been to Kentucky once and of course everybody knows that is a very strong hemp and CBD State and Indiana stands out a lot too because I remember Indiana was the first state to require the QR codes on the labels and CV sciences has been a big part of that and a big player in Indiana stores. So that’s very cool.

It is really it is a neat kind of connection to everything that I’m doing professionally. And you’re right this part of the country we actually sell plus CBD oil UK. Last year we sold more CBT in the state of Indiana than we did in California.

I am proof that is well first of all congratulations and I’m not surprised. Would you say that people in Indiana and I guess that’s the Midwest right.

Yeah it’s interesting. They call Indiana the Midwest that if you go over and Kentucky they call it the South yes so it’s a really we’re kind of on this line where they call where I’m at Kentucky Anna because has are making routes through Louisville and there’s a lot of connection to that part for us. So I kind of feel like I have a foot in each part and get the best of all of it.

Which CBD Oil For Pain?

Yeah. Would you say the CBD is really popular there because people are looking for something you know they’re looking for the benefits of the cannabis plant but not really interested in the recreational marijuana side is that kind of the vibe.

I think that that’s one of the reasons. I also think that the people who would embrace high THC cannabis have access issues here and hemp drives CBD oil for anxiety gives them an option to take care of their endo cannabinoid system. It’s a very conservative often very religious part of the country and there is still a lot of propagandized fear surrounding THC. So to touch on your point yeah the Midwest and the south they do. They tend to gravitate towards this because it’s kind of the decaf to marijuana as caffeinated coffee.

Yeah yeah that’s that’s a good way to put it. And well I mean it’s so cool that you’re in the in the middle of it and for the listeners that don’t know where is C.V. science his base the main headquarters our main headquarters are out of San Diego California. OK and where is the hemp from. I it’s from overseas right.

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