CBD Oil For Anxiety

Cracked and we source all of our have from the Netherlands. The reason for that we were working on our domestic supply chain we’re doing Koro research at the University of Kentucky Lexington Kent State Murray State among a few others and we would love. To have that domestic supply chain the currently most of the harm coming out of the United States is high CBD cloned plants where they’ve hybridized high CBD cannabis marijuana with industrial hemp and it allows them to get a lot more CBD in a very small area of land.

And it was totally necessary. The old laws the old federal laws governing have made it completely impossible for a farmer to turn a profit on normal agricultural hemp.

So until we were able to change that legislation in recently we really didn’t have access to the type of heirloom strains of hemp that we utilize in our products here in the United States.


Yes. Yes a lot of people don’t know how these intricacies kind of play out and that you know there’s a lot of different ways to make a quote hemp plant. You know because the definition is so well it’s not varying. The definition is kind of against nature. It’s a very manmade definition so there’s probably a million different plants that could be considered a hemp plant just because they meet the threshold of not having too much THC. So it’s very interesting to hear the way the plus CBD oil UK and CB scientists are handling done. I think I think it’s it’s the right way. And I appreciate that.

Oh I as well. I mean there was really one of the things that stuck out for me when I came to work for this company I believe that nature knew what she was doing and I do I believe CBD is amazing. I love it and I think that the research every day makes me excited. But it’s one of over a thousand molecules in agricultural botanical hemp. And just because we’re not studying the other nine hundred and ninety nine doesn’t mean that they’re not equally as important in their own right.

CBD Or Hemp Products

So I really do kind of believe in keeping it old school when it comes to plants.

Yes and I’m looking at some of the product offerings from plus CBD and what would you say for people who are new to CBD or hemp products. Where would someone want to get started. What would you recommend or what have you found people have have an easy time getting started with.

I always tell people to start low and build slow and sell that’s often going to be a liquid product. They tend to be a little bit lower dose and they give you a lot of control over kind of assessing how you respond to Fido can happen. It’s like CBT we are all very different. Every one of our blueprints for Fido cannabinoid needs will be completely different so it’s not based on your condition. It’s not based on your severity of your issue. It’s not your way. It’s not your level of pain. So really if we want to experience everything we can out of CBT the best option we have to give ourselves is to do what we call tight trading. Say start with one to three MG your first day and then you slowly increase daily by a couple milligrams until you start to notice improvements. And we also tell people to understand that what we see in the research is that often CBT works and are very tri phase way where people will experience different things at a low a medium and a high dose. But what we often also see is that each person has a point at which taking more will provide no additional benefit can give us lessening benefit. Or it could make our symptomology worse. So really. Why would you no one want to lose the opportunity to see what a CBT product could do for you. And number two why do you want to give me more of your money than you have to.

That’s what I was going to say. Why do you want. Yeah. What’s the point. I appreciate you saying that because you know a lot of people would think she’ll just you know want to tell us to buy as much as possible. But you’re doing the counterintuitive and I respect that. So I’d like to have you repeat something though because so many of the listeners of the podcast of the CBT school YouTube channel and the visitors to our blog they want to know where to start. So I know you had said it but I’ll just ask you to repeat yourself please. You said they can start with a low dose and then look what would generally be or what is an example of that.

Which CBD Oil For Anxiety?

So if you are a sensitive responder to things if you’re somebody who normally can only drink half a cup of coffee you take half a dose of Benadryl you’re a sensitive person. Start without one milligram if you tend to be more along the normal responding lines to things. is probably a good place to start. And every day you would just increase by a few milligrams. Paying attention to the areas you tend to struggle and the moment that you find your sweet spot will mean something completely different to each person. It could be that you’ll find your sleeping better. It could be that you find as a parent you’re more present with your children. You could find that your gut health is more balance that your digesting food more effectively. It could be that you’re not having as big of a stress response and Monday morning traffic. We see all of these range of benefits and what people experience. But we tell people to if you just are able to ease into it and slowly increase how much you’re taking you’ll really be able to see the range of what CBT can do for you.

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