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It’s warm and cooling so that uses peppermint and cayenne pepper in there which is I can’t say that we sell more one than the other. It just amazes me how fast we have to make those. So there are a very interesting way you don’t have to have the lotion. It’s it’s in like a little tiny. It’s like you Geoff’s Chapstick tube looking thing which is very convenient very clean easy to use. People really have responded quite well to the packaging which is kind of nice on the. So it’s a semi a solid sort of product that comes out it has a 100 milligrams of CBD per ounce which is not the same as hemp oil.

So it’s a fairly large amount of CBD in each stick. So you can really really feel the reaction to the CBD and that’s used if you have like a very specific need like a knee like you get a achy knee or arthritic hands and you want to like get get additional CBD to a specific location.

Get Additional CBD

Other than taking the tincture on a daily so it’s worked out very very well for a lot of people which has been very satisfactory to us. You know we just we don’t just want to make stuff to make money. We want to make stuff that really helps people which is just if you take your focus off the money and you focus on helping people it just makes your whole your reason for doing what you do that much more valid.

I agree with that. I like the. It really makes it easier to use the product to choose what I like about it because you know you get any kind of bomb even like I’m a big fan of the badger bomb. I use that extensively with my feet when I’m. I just got back from a backpacking trip where I was using that.

But the you know you get it all of your fingers and you have to them rub it off but with these sticks you just apply it and your fingers stay dry and nothing gets on them and you just you just using it on the area where you need it. So I think that’s the reason why you’re selling out of them is because people people like to use that. It’s easy to use anything you can make easier to use is better for people and the lotion I think is going to be I’m very excited for that. That’s really cool because the lotion talk about the mid Atlantic right for lotion consumers during the winter and you know I’m using this stuff all winter to stay moisturize but adding the hemp because the hemp national properties. Did you say you’re going to do that with hemp seed oil and CBD or just with hemp seed oil the moisturizer.

CBD Components

Oh it’ll be have seed oil as a major component of that. In addition to the CBD component and also we’re using our sunflower oil in that as well which sunflowers got a higher level of a mega three and a mega nine which adds to shelf stability and also really helps with your skin.

So it’s more permeable in your skin so you aren’t going to get a greasy sort of some of these lotions are very greasy and people don’t like that they want it to be absorbed and do what it’s supposed to do and then you know that’s it. They don’t need to have it slimy and all of that.

Oh yes. You want it to absorb as soon as it can. So you’re saying something has more omega 3 than have seed oil.

No no no. A sunflower has more omega 6 and 9 which makes it more stable. So there there’s a bit of a balance like we want to make a shelf stable product without adding a bunch without adding any additional kind of preservatives to it. We want to try to make it with what nature gives us. So too much hemp seed oil might be prone if they don’t use it fast enough might be prone to some oxidation. I don’t know that it’s anything dangerous but obviously we’re looking at making the best possible thing we can.
So we’ve found that blending some of our oils together yields a better result in the end here especially for the lotion you know the lotion the sounds you know the soaps all I mean to basically have a a mixture of several different oils to get the end result that really makes it a great product.

Yes yes the blending is it seems to be used in industry wide but by different manufacturers to get the right end product the consistency right. Mm hmm. But hemp it’s just phenomenal and all these products because and the CBD I love how it combines the properties of hemp. It confuses people a lot because they’re constantly confusing CBD for him but it’s really one plant it’s a hemp cannabis plant and it’s producing all these great properties and it happens to be useful in a blend and as well as on its own and all these different products.

CBD Oil Benefits For You

A lot of people don’t understand the difference and you have to kind of educate them on terms of like the hemp seed oil. While it does have small trace amounts of CBD some say it’s never yes super small we. We actually had our eyes tested just to see if there was a quantifiable amount that that could be counted as as part of our tincture and it was interesting. It was it’s like a Point Seven milligrams per milliliter like very small percentage. So our standard tinctures is 40 milligrams of CBD per milliliter but you know point seven of that comes from our hemp seed oil which was kind of neat to find. I mean most people wouldn’t have thought to test it to begin with. But we just thought why not send it off get some analysis done in and see if there’s something there that is reasonable to include and let people know there is some there. So you’ve been in your salad dressing like you’re using are culinary hemp seed oil you are getting a lot of those benefits. Not as strong not as as potent as our CBD tinctures and whatnot but you’re getting all the other insularity benefits of the hemp plants and hemp seed oil has all of those bits in it. So yeah. Read on to find out where you can find the best CBD vape oil UK.

So how much is it. Josh what percentage when you tested it. It’s fascinating that you did that by the way. Am actually I thought it was extremely small. Like not so small it wasn’t significant and in commercial products like a whole foods that people buy.
Yeah yeah. Probably it’s it’s probably not worth. I just thought it was interesting that it contained some point seven MG was what it was and I could confirm that eight point seven milligrams in the what.

And how much in the hemp seed oil third Mila leader I believe it was the point seven milligrams per milliliter.

Oh that’s not small. I mean because in a milliliter there is a lot of milliliters in a typical bottle. People would buy like they’d buy it by 16 ounce bottle right.

Yeah yeah. That’s a lot. Hold on I say point 0 7 0. I had I had a. All right point 0 7 milligrams per milliliter. Zac correct. Yeah. And it’s only CBD a it’s not CBO right. Because it’s not carved right because its price point 0 7 0 8 0 7 grams per milliliter of CBD a because it hasn’t been heated enough to discard box plate.

Yeah. Yes. How many milliliters are in a. I just love figuring this stuff out in 16 ounces. Well it’s 750 Mila. Oh believe me I’ve been under 50 milliliters they take 750 milliliters times points 0 7. Are you doing the math. Yeah. Fifty two milligrams of CVD in the whole bottle. So not a bad amount actually. Well so if you could if you could figure out how you consume one bottle a day.

That would probably be a pretty good dosage of CBD but a lot of oil a whole lot of oil.

Yeah I think you’d be leaving a lot of that in the toilet.

I believe so. I don’t think our bodies can consume that much knowing if at any given point you say you sell the 750 milliliter bottles.

That’s correct. Yep. That’s a big bottle. All right. That’s a pretty big bottle.

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