CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

He speaks very highly of CBD effect on anxiety. So CBD oil for PTSD again, is an extension of CBD potential as an anti anxiety agent. It I think has a lot of potential to be used as an anti anxiety agent by people who don’t want to use prescription anti-depressants like SSRI eyes that are traditionally used for PTSD. I think some people do very well with those, but then others do not. And I think CBD might be it’s possible could be an alternative for those people. Other things I want to mention is that for some people, it might not only be CBD, but actually THC that would be either more effective or perhaps necessary to put in the mix. I think if you ask people if you ask different people who have PTSD and are using some form of cannabis, whether it’s CBD, THC or both. I think they would you would get different answers where some people would say they don’t want any of that psychoactive experience from the THC, so they stick to CBD. But others, I think would be adamant in saying that the THC and the a mild perhaps psychoactive experience actually helps sort of put those memories that they’re dealing with into place. Like kind of like putting them in the right shelf is the best way I would describe it. And that’s from personal experience. I think if cannabis is effective for somebody for treating anxiety, one of the things it can do is kind of put things into their place and maybe double down the tension a bit. Of course, it’s not necessarily the I would never say it’s the only solution. I think the point of using something like CBD or canabis oil for anxiety in my personal experience would be is that it’s it’s like a tool.

So it wouldn’t be just the solution. You still have to work on whatever thoughts are either causing the problems in your life or I think that are true. Whatever is triggering anxiety I think still needs to be dealt with. But if cannabis or CBD in particular can be used as a tool, that’s that’s very effective and it can be very promising for people dealing with PTSD. So make sure you check out the research. Bill, I will link to that in the description so that you can in the show notes as well so that you can get those. I post these on YouTube and on iTunes as well as SoundCloud so you can pick where you get it from. I’d like to hear from any of you that have used either CBD oil for, well, any form of cannabis, either CBD or THC products for PTSD or if you know someone that has or just for anxiety in general. Again, I get most excited about CBD oil and its application for anxiety because I see this number one, it’s a huge problem right now in the United States and in the world in general. I think where it seems anxiety is on the rise for people or at least they’re being more vocal about it. And some people, I think, are going to probably do well with. Prescription traditional medications. And then some people are going to do really poorly. And they’re looking for other solutions. And or just are more comfortable with something that comes from a plant. And that really comes down to a personal preference at that point, as well as what is the best tool for that person to live a better life. Furthermore, I think it’s interesting that it’s not just a tool, but there’s actually evidence connecting the endo cannabinoid system with PTSD and with aversive memories in general that we actually have this old old system in our body that may have evolved in a certain way.

When it’s functioning properly to keep us in a healthy mental state, I think that’s fascinating. And that’s what the research is pointing to. Unfortunately, it’s still early. Of course, this is not FDA approved. You know, you don’t have anybody prescribing cannabis oil really for PTSD yet. But I think in the future that is very likely to change. And in the meantime, of course, people are using it. By just buying it over the counter. So I’d love to hear your thoughts of any of you on CBD oil for PTSD or anxiety in general. Please do check out the links below. This was a very general overview of the whole thing. You can dove a lot deeper and get into the details of the Ando cannabinoids that are actually responsible for this and are involved with this. Those are your body’s own cannabinoids as well as how THC CBD interact with them and and cause different kinds of effects in the endo cannabinoid system. You can also read just there’s a ton of content online just from people. I think some a lot of the strongest content comes from people just posting their stories on how it helped them and what it did for them. That’s some of the strongest content because. Although it has a con that it’s not a controlled scientific study, the benefit is that it’s usually when someone’s just expressing it, it’s very unbiased and they’re just expressing their experience. So that can be very powerful data in its own right. Specifically anecdotally, so do some Googling. If this is of interest to you, I know I’m going to be covering this in much more depth in the future. This really made me want to cover this in every detail and every direction. So expect more content, videos, blog posts, podcasts about CBD and its potential for using for anxiety and PTSD.

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