CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks

And that was let’s see, in 18 of the 84 samples, there was some THC present. And other cannabinoids as well, they tested for cannabidiol CBD, a CVG and CBN. But looking for the exact results on how many had THC, CTG was detected up to six point forty three milligram per Molitor in 18 of the 84 samples that were tested. So about a quarter of them had some THC detected. So, I mean, it is a plant oil. So it doesn’t surprise me that there’s all these variations, but it’s really important legally. Of course, for it to have no more than point three percent THC for it to be a CBD hemp oil now. These were all supposed to be CBD oil UK. If they were ordering them off line, they should have been from hemp. And they you know, hemp can come in hot. And that’s why the testing happens. So it can come up over, you know. You’re not going to grow a perfect plant every time. There’s always going to be the same amount of THC. So it doesn’t surprise me that this happened. And the thing where this really is important, though, is the drug tests when people are concerned about a drug test. This is why and they want to use CBD hemp oil and they’re thinking that it might be OK. This is why I tell them generally to stay away from it, because if you get a product, let’s say, and you don’t really do your homework and make sure that product is has no THC in it or is extremely low in THC, you could have a hot product like one of the ones they tested and it can make you feel your drug test. And I’ve had people write to me and say that that has happened to them.

So that is a huge, huge deal. Brandon, over at Healthy Hemp Oil, he has a good article about how I’ll link to that article. I thought. I always thought it was a great article. He he actually goes through the numbers and actually figures out, even if you were using a CBD oil for pain with some THC in it, how much you would have to use to trip the drug test based off the sensitivity of a standard urine analysis for THC. He goes into the details there very well. So you can check that out. Also, check out his website, Healthy Hemp Oil Dot.com. So you can if you want to go that route, you can. But I would say it’s much better to just play it safe and either use a CBD isolate, which is just would just be pure CBD or a product made with a CBD isolate or you really just have to know the company you’re buying from. And really make sure that it’s completely THC free product. And, you know, it’s you’re still might be taking some risk. I mean, there I have read on both sides of this that some people think CBD can convert to teach seeing the body. The last I read that, that this isn’t possible, but then it seems to be a point of argument. So there’s some different arguments on both sides and I’m doing more research on that this week. So I would say to just really, if you are concerned with drug tests, you really need to just if that’s a concern for you because of your job or whatever you’re doing in life. I would just play it safe if you can, and completely avoid any product where there’s any reason to be concerned or that could raise a red flag if something about it.

You’re not sure if it has THC or not. You just need to be careful. CBD Islip would probably be your best bet because that’s kind of the most surefire way to know that you’re just taking in a purified CBD product. But even that you need to check that there’s no on the lab report, that there’s no teach CNN. So this is a bit longer than I usually go with these podcast episodes. I try to keep them kind of short like the videos. But this one is I think this article, this data just came out, but I think it’s gonna get pretty popular. So there was an article about it in time and I’ll link to the Time article as well. It’s a pretty quick summary of the details. But the main takeaway here is that, well, number one, the onus and the responsibility to make sure that you’re getting a good product is really on the consumer in the space right now, because it is not there’s no mommy or daddy kind of watching after to see that all the products are kind of. There’s no, you know, main regulatory agency, which is I don’t think that that’s a reason. I don’t think there is there has to be. I think the main point is that the products have to be tested under certain standards. And those standards have been established, obviously, like the main things to test for. Or being Cabinet content? TURPIN Content. Presence of pesticides, molds and heavy metals and a few other things, of course, that can be tested for those. But those are the main big things that need to be known, of course. You have to make sure that it’s not a hot product in terms of how much THC is in there and all the other things I mentioned as well.

So you think, again, the main takeaway, though, is that. There are some discrepancies still. It’s a new industry, I think this is gonna get better and better as time goes on. And this will be less of a problem in the future, you know. And that percentage of that are labeled correctly is going to be much higher than 30 percent in the future. But the point of is, I think find if you go to find a good brand, if you’re a brand and listening to this, you have to make sure you crossed, you know, just do everything you have to do to release a product that has accurate labeling. I encourage people to try to always find the most recent lab report that you can. If it’s not on the site, just reach out to the company. They’ll just e-mail it to you. If there’s a phone number, you can give them a call. But most companies I’ve never had an issue getting this usually is it’s not a problem. You just have to talk to them and be polite and just ask for it either with an email or a phone call. But I’ve I’ve never really had a problem getting lab results. I’ve had a few issues where not everything is on there that I wanted. Kind of like this one, actually, again. They didn’t test for anything. You know, if I was doing this study and I had the funding to do it, I would have tested for absolutely everything I could have with this. So the point is, I think this is a great wakeup call, you know, to just get more even more aware and more conscious of what is a good CBD product, how to properly use it in different kinds of circumstances, for example, if you have to take drug tests.

How do you know what products to avoid? And also just yet, since this product is being used for kids or for people that might be cannabis na├»ve, meaning they don’t use any THC or marijuana or anything. If it was had too much THC in it and they took a big dose for pain of their CBD oil, you know, if they were used to taking big doses, that could be a problem too, because it could cause a psychoactive effect or or an anxiety effect if they weren’t expecting it. So I think, again, the takeaway is that labs are important. Try to get the most recent labs and try to match them, if you can, with a batch number or just a recent date and just communicate with your with your companies. You know, these companies. Like I said, I never really had an issue with this.

CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety

Cracked and we source all of our have from the Netherlands. The reason for that we were working on our domestic supply chain we’re doing Koro research at the University of Kentucky Lexington Kent State Murray State among a few others and we would love. To have that domestic supply chain the currently most of the harm coming out of the United States is high CBD cloned plants where they’ve hybridized high CBD cannabis marijuana with industrial hemp and it allows them to get a lot more CBD in a very small area of land.

And it was totally necessary. The old laws the old federal laws governing have made it completely impossible for a farmer to turn a profit on normal agricultural hemp.

So until we were able to change that legislation in recently we really didn’t have access to the type of heirloom strains of hemp that we utilize in our products here in the United States.


Yes. Yes a lot of people don’t know how these intricacies kind of play out and that you know there’s a lot of different ways to make a quote hemp plant. You know because the definition is so well it’s not varying. The definition is kind of against nature. It’s a very manmade definition so there’s probably a million different plants that could be considered a hemp plant just because they meet the threshold of not having too much THC. So it’s very interesting to hear the way the plus CBD oil UK and CB scientists are handling done. I think I think it’s it’s the right way. And I appreciate that.

Oh I as well. I mean there was really one of the things that stuck out for me when I came to work for this company I believe that nature knew what she was doing and I do I believe CBD is amazing. I love it and I think that the research every day makes me excited. But it’s one of over a thousand molecules in agricultural botanical hemp. And just because we’re not studying the other nine hundred and ninety nine doesn’t mean that they’re not equally as important in their own right.

CBD Or Hemp Products

So I really do kind of believe in keeping it old school when it comes to plants.

Yes and I’m looking at some of the product offerings from plus CBD and what would you say for people who are new to CBD or hemp products. Where would someone want to get started. What would you recommend or what have you found people have have an easy time getting started with.

I always tell people to start low and build slow and sell that’s often going to be a liquid product. They tend to be a little bit lower dose and they give you a lot of control over kind of assessing how you respond to Fido can happen. It’s like CBT we are all very different. Every one of our blueprints for Fido cannabinoid needs will be completely different so it’s not based on your condition. It’s not based on your severity of your issue. It’s not your way. It’s not your level of pain. So really if we want to experience everything we can out of CBT the best option we have to give ourselves is to do what we call tight trading. Say start with one to three MG your first day and then you slowly increase daily by a couple milligrams until you start to notice improvements. And we also tell people to understand that what we see in the research is that often CBT works and are very tri phase way where people will experience different things at a low a medium and a high dose. But what we often also see is that each person has a point at which taking more will provide no additional benefit can give us lessening benefit. Or it could make our symptomology worse. So really. Why would you no one want to lose the opportunity to see what a CBT product could do for you. And number two why do you want to give me more of your money than you have to.

That’s what I was going to say. Why do you want. Yeah. What’s the point. I appreciate you saying that because you know a lot of people would think she’ll just you know want to tell us to buy as much as possible. But you’re doing the counterintuitive and I respect that. So I’d like to have you repeat something though because so many of the listeners of the podcast of the CBT school YouTube channel and the visitors to our blog they want to know where to start. So I know you had said it but I’ll just ask you to repeat yourself please. You said they can start with a low dose and then look what would generally be or what is an example of that.

Which CBD Oil For Anxiety?

So if you are a sensitive responder to things if you’re somebody who normally can only drink half a cup of coffee you take half a dose of Benadryl you’re a sensitive person. Start without one milligram if you tend to be more along the normal responding lines to things. is probably a good place to start. And every day you would just increase by a few milligrams. Paying attention to the areas you tend to struggle and the moment that you find your sweet spot will mean something completely different to each person. It could be that you’ll find your sleeping better. It could be that you find as a parent you’re more present with your children. You could find that your gut health is more balance that your digesting food more effectively. It could be that you’re not having as big of a stress response and Monday morning traffic. We see all of these range of benefits and what people experience. But we tell people to if you just are able to ease into it and slowly increase how much you’re taking you’ll really be able to see the range of what CBT can do for you.

CBD Oil For Pain

CBD Oil For Pain

All right. And we are back in class. This is the theme the CBD professor from CBB school dot com. Your school to learn all about cannabis.

This episode of the CPD school podcast has brought to you by plus CBD oil which has proudly made by sea the sciences. Make sure to visit plus the CBD oil dot com and use the coupon code a CBD school for percent of your order. Again that’s plus CBD oil dot com and use that coupon code CBD school for percent off your order.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.

What Can CBD Do For You?

Of today’s episode of the CPD school podcast I am delighted to be joined by Maggie Frank who is an educator at CV sciences. The proud makers of plus CBD oil which is a product every one of you have probably seen on the shelves at shows and anywhere else. Good CBD oil is sold. So Maggie welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate being here.

Yes this is great. So you are an educator. Tell us what that means what’s that all about.

CV sciences I get the awesome privilege of traveling around the country and educating people about CBD about the sources that comes from the cannabis family.

CBD And The Cannabinoid System

Our products are proudly made out of hemp. I also get to educate and often introduce people to the system that CBD nourishes the end of cannabinoid system and talk to them about the importance of bringing him back to the United States not only the benefit we see to our human health but also the benefit hemp gives us to our environment. So I’m really honored to ticket to spread that message.

You know I could not have said that more beautiful you that was very polished and it sounds like you have said that many times and I actually have dirt in my hands because I just got back from planting my family’s first hemp crop.

So I just got chills. That’s so exciting. How fun.

Yeah yeah. So we I just got back to the states. My dad is handling that side of the business and we’re planting it in. I’m in Pennsylvania and hemp has not been grown here for proof. I don’t know. Since the early s probably but back then it was growing a lot. Here there’s even some cities there’s old towns like Hempstead or that are named after him. But of course once prohibition came around it stopped being grown here but it is really cool. And where are you now. I think we were talking a little bit before but just so the listeners know where you’re calling in from.

We’re based our family is based in Jeffersonville Indiana which is the throne a stone’s throw from Louisville Kentucky.

Oh yes. I’ve been to Kentucky once and of course everybody knows that is a very strong hemp and CBD State and Indiana stands out a lot too because I remember Indiana was the first state to require the QR codes on the labels and CV sciences has been a big part of that and a big player in Indiana stores. So that’s very cool.

It is really it is a neat kind of connection to everything that I’m doing professionally. And you’re right this part of the country we actually sell plus CBD oil UK. Last year we sold more CBT in the state of Indiana than we did in California.

I am proof that is well first of all congratulations and I’m not surprised. Would you say that people in Indiana and I guess that’s the Midwest right.

Yeah it’s interesting. They call Indiana the Midwest that if you go over and Kentucky they call it the South yes so it’s a really we’re kind of on this line where they call where I’m at Kentucky Anna because has are making routes through Louisville and there’s a lot of connection to that part for us. So I kind of feel like I have a foot in each part and get the best of all of it.

Which CBD Oil For Pain?

Yeah. Would you say the CBD is really popular there because people are looking for something you know they’re looking for the benefits of the cannabis plant but not really interested in the recreational marijuana side is that kind of the vibe.

I think that that’s one of the reasons. I also think that the people who would embrace high THC cannabis have access issues here and hemp drives CBD oil for anxiety gives them an option to take care of their endo cannabinoid system. It’s a very conservative often very religious part of the country and there is still a lot of propagandized fear surrounding THC. So to touch on your point yeah the Midwest and the south they do. They tend to gravitate towards this because it’s kind of the decaf to marijuana as caffeinated coffee.

Yeah yeah that’s that’s a good way to put it. And well I mean it’s so cool that you’re in the in the middle of it and for the listeners that don’t know where is C.V. science his base the main headquarters our main headquarters are out of San Diego California. OK and where is the hemp from. I it’s from overseas right.

Buying CBD Oil In The UK


So the European model you know is kind of latching onto all of the opportunities at the same time which is pretty cool. I think that’s a pretty interesting sort of way. So it’ll be interesting to see this thing develop and I guess my advice to everybody is just kind of keep your eyes open and keep an eyeball on what’s happening because it’s really going to it’s going to be ever changing new opportunities are going to present themselves some opportunities are going to go away. I’m hoping that it can change the dynamics in agriculture for farmers and really benefit our region our country internally.

Yes absolutely. Absolutely. And it might. Right. And it might be that euro CBD model that takes off on a large scale that it might prove to be better. Sure. But time will tell and I think the Kraft growers like yourselves will also always have you know the place making a truly original product. Sure. Yep.

The State Of The CBD Industry Today

So thanks again. Josh thank you for all the listeners who tuned in today check out Susquehanna Mills. Oh wait we got to tell people why is it called that can’t end the show without telling people why is it called such a weird name. Probably to anyone that’s not from P.A. that is a very weird looking word. So what is that what does it mean.

Well it says you know Hannah it will Susquehanna is a river a major river that goes for New York all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. And when we form this company 15 years ago I’m thinking OK that’s regional. And we used to struggle with it we used to struggle every time I call it any place other than here or even sometimes here people couldn’t spell Susquehanna. And you know maybe that’s what makes it memorable is that it’s such a bizarre strange name but like it’s for me it’s it’s really about this region. And I don’t really care for it to be easy for people. I think it’s important to kind of tie it to where we are and that identity of our oh yeah it’s a beautiful river. It’s an enormous watershed. It’s it’s a huge I think it is.

And Savannah is it one mile across and some six sections.

Oh yes. You get further down it’s it’s a big river. I mean it’s I mean I don’t think it’s big it’s like the Mississippi but it’s certainly I know certainly it.

Hemp Or CBD?

I think it’s one mile across in certain sections.

Yeah. It gets it gets pretty big it’s a major watershed. And you know so that’s kind of why we chose this name and and obviously when we started Susquehanna mills we weren’t looking to get as far. We basically service a region that’s about you know for our travel circle around us which include you know New Jersey Baltimore Washington D.C. New York Philly Pittsburgh you know we’re in a pretty interesting area to be within reasonable driving and delivery distance to all of these major metropolitan areas which kind of gives us a unique opportunity to service a big area but still be in the middle of rural Pennsylvania where we’ve got farms and tractors go and down the road. And it’s very interesting you know.

Absolutely. And it is just for people to know that mighty Susquehanna is four hundred forty four miles long through Pennsylvania and it is one mile wide and it’s some of its widest sections near our capital Harrisburg and it’s much nicer than Harrisburg.

So visit Susquehanna River instead of here. If you’re ever in Pennsylvania.

Right my in my opinion I like to vote it. It’s super nice.

It is a beautiful river so Susquehanna Mills dot com is the Web site for Joshua’s oil company. That’s the non CBD non hemp stuff. And then the other company’s web website is Susquehanna hemp co dot com and that’s all going to be in the show notes so don’t worry about remembering that you just click on the links in the show notes below. Josh thank you for being here stay on after the show I’d like to talk to you some more. And thanks for having me. Thanks for having a grip. Great to talk with you. We’ll have you on again because you are just a well of information. I know the listeners are going to benefit from this and future episodes.

I’m all about the weekly podcast. That would be thought. All right we’ll talk about that. Yeah. Thank you. All right. They have a great day everybody. All right everybody. Have a great day.

Which CBD Oil UK Is Best For Me

This episode of the CBD cool podcast is sponsored and brought to you by Susquehanna hemp company and says we’re going to have company there a little bit different than other brands out there they’re not offering a discount code. Instead they stand behind their product so much that they will guarantee it the product is guaranteed if you do not find that you are satisfied with their fine line of CBD products. If you don’t enjoy their tinctures topically or other hemp products you can return them for your full money back. Just email them to find out how to do that. If that ends up being the case but they are so sure that you are going to love the product that you’re going to be back for seconds. So that’s why they’re providing you 25 percent off now your first order but your second order when you will be back for seconds. Make sure to use the coupon code seconds to get that discount so you get a first bottle. It’s guaranteed if you don’t like it right them they’ll get your money back. If you love it come back for a second helping. Use that codeword seconds. That’s only for listeners of the CBD cool podcast exclusive to our lovely listeners. Use that code word as says. Hannah hemp Co. Dot com. I know you’re going to want to listen to how that’s spelled its s u s q u e h a n and a hemp co dot com.

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