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I’m going to have a great interview coming up with a man named Roy and he is from the American herbal farm, a copier. I’m going to be asking him questions about quality control in the cannabis space. And I think you all will enjoy this interview because the American herbal pharma copier, they produce these things called monographs, which are these very concise, concentrated booklets that deal with one botanical. For instance, you can have one for acne, Shia, one for cannabis, one for maybe ginseng, one for any herbal that you would take. And they release. They’re very informative, concentrated little packets. You can find it on their website.

But the reason why I think he’s going to be very interesting is because he is in California and California also obviously being a state that has had cannabis available to its residents for a much longer time period than other states in the United States.

And they’ve used, I believe, some of their regulation on things like pesticides and quality control, like mold and toxins and all that stuff. They’ve gotten some of their I’m talking about California’s governing agencies for this stuff. They’ve gotten some of that information from the American Herbal, a copy, I think, or vise versa. Some of them, they’ve worked together. So I think it’ll be just a good conversation. So watch out for that soon. That’ll be coming up and moving on. I just wanted to talk about today something interesting that some of you might not have ever thought of. And it’s going to be a little bit less CBD focused, but just about cannabis in general. So one thing that I thought of today was I wanted to share two unique things. About cannabis that maybe people haven’t thought of the one. It’s not too unique, actually. One would be just I mentioned this before. I’m going to save the unique one for for last. I’ll share the the less unique one first. But, you know, I always just I like to do these podcasts from time to time in a very informal way and just kind of share my thoughts with you.

Maybe you enjoy that. Maybe you don’t let me know. But this one I’m just saying one thing about cannabis that I really think is incredible is its effect on someone’s appetite. This has always been, for me, one of the most exciting aspects of cannabis.

It’s not really unique to CBD. It’s far more of a THC thing. And what is CBD?

This is because of how THC interacts with our CB one receptor, which is part of our endo cannabinoid system. And that receptor has a lot to do with our hunger, our appetite.

And I think this is just amazing for. The fact that you have people who use cannabis that might have something else going on.

In their life, that makes them not be able to eat, whether it’s chemotherapy or something in their life, that for some reason is ruining their appetite. This can be one of the worst experiences someone can have when you can’t eat something and especially when you’re sick or you’re immunocompromised for whatever reason and you can’t eat. This is just anybody listening if you ever experienced this. It’s very, very just it’s a terrible experience. I don’t wish it on anybody. It’s because you’re you in your mind.

You know, that you need to eat to be healthy. You need to eat and you need nutrition. But you can’t. So it’s like this dueling forces inside of you and you can’t because you’re either nauseous or you. Ah, just have no appetite, your appetite is gone. And what’s amazing about cannabis, what I’ve always thought was amazing is that it has this dual effect where it helps people manage nausea. It decreases nausea and it increases appetite. It’s almost a God given plant. I think in that sense, because it has this effect where it’s a two punch, where it’s eliminating nausea and it’s increasing appetite, allowing the person to get food down now because they’re hungry and because they are. They’re they’re not just hungry, but they’re nauseous, has gone down so they can hold the food down so that their body can process it. And this is amazing because also if they enjoy the effects of you see if it does, relax them. Now, not everybody is going to enjoy the effect because THC affects different people differently if they’re not really used to it. They might may take some some time. For them to enjoy it, you know, it’s it’s one of those things where it’s kind of like an acquired taste for some people, they might not like it right away, but then they get more into it as their body starts to absorb it better or they just build up a tolerance for it. But I think this is just one of the best parts of it in that not only can it help someone eat, but it can also relax them and give them a better sense of well-being. And I’ve heard miraculous stories of people who are dealing with an illness, whether it’s cancer or some other debilitating disease or anything. Really, it doesn’t have to be cancer. It can be AIDS. It could be any kind of just very serious condition that they’re dealing with. It could even be just an injury. But. The cannabis oil relaxes them and it could be CBD, too. Doesn’t have to be just THC. Some people prefer CBD. I’m just talking about cannabis in general today.

So not just CBD as I normally do, but, you know, it relaxes them. It gets rid of their nausea and it increases their appetite. It’s it’s almost too good to be true. And it has this divine. Attribute, I think, to it almost not to really get into. I’m not really talking about religion here. I just mean, it almost has this kind of objective reason for being in a sense that it was put on the earth to be used by humans for thousands of years for these purposes to to improve our lives. And in much the same way as we use other plants like apples and kale or whatever plants that we use to improve our lives. Cannabis has this amazing quality of just helping someone who’s sick feel better through eating and through nausea relief. And I just wanted to share that time and time again. I consider what kind of content to share with all of you. And that’s today. I just wanted to share that is one of my favorite things about cannabis. And make sure you leave a comment below. That’s something you’ve experienced yourself. And if it’s helped you and it’s cool because you don’t need a lot, you know, you don’t need to overdo it in the same way as like a lot of people like to have a glass of wine after work. You know, a small amount of cannabis after work or it’s not something that it has to be, you know, abused is what I’m saying. It’s certainly able to be used responsibly and dosed very, very carefully with. Even, I think much easier than alcohol because you can you can dose it very, very precisely if you’re using extracts, especially moving on.

CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

He speaks very highly of CBD effect on anxiety. So CBD oil for PTSD again, is an extension of CBD potential as an anti anxiety agent. It I think has a lot of potential to be used as an anti anxiety agent by people who don’t want to use prescription anti-depressants like SSRI eyes that are traditionally used for PTSD. I think some people do very well with those, but then others do not. And I think CBD might be it’s possible could be an alternative for those people. Other things I want to mention is that for some people, it might not only be CBD, but actually THC that would be either more effective or perhaps necessary to put in the mix. I think if you ask people if you ask different people who have PTSD and are using some form of cannabis, whether it’s CBD, THC or both. I think they would you would get different answers where some people would say they don’t want any of that psychoactive experience from the THC, so they stick to CBD. But others, I think would be adamant in saying that the THC and the a mild perhaps psychoactive experience actually helps sort of put those memories that they’re dealing with into place. Like kind of like putting them in the right shelf is the best way I would describe it. And that’s from personal experience. I think if cannabis is effective for somebody for treating anxiety, one of the things it can do is kind of put things into their place and maybe double down the tension a bit. Of course, it’s not necessarily the I would never say it’s the only solution. I think the point of using something like CBD or canabis oil for anxiety in my personal experience would be is that it’s it’s like a tool.

So it wouldn’t be just the solution. You still have to work on whatever thoughts are either causing the problems in your life or I think that are true. Whatever is triggering anxiety I think still needs to be dealt with. But if cannabis or CBD in particular can be used as a tool, that’s that’s very effective and it can be very promising for people dealing with PTSD. So make sure you check out the research. Bill, I will link to that in the description so that you can in the show notes as well so that you can get those. I post these on YouTube and on iTunes as well as SoundCloud so you can pick where you get it from. I’d like to hear from any of you that have used either CBD oil for, well, any form of cannabis, either CBD or THC products for PTSD or if you know someone that has or just for anxiety in general. Again, I get most excited about CBD oil and its application for anxiety because I see this number one, it’s a huge problem right now in the United States and in the world in general. I think where it seems anxiety is on the rise for people or at least they’re being more vocal about it. And some people, I think, are going to probably do well with. Prescription traditional medications. And then some people are going to do really poorly. And they’re looking for other solutions. And or just are more comfortable with something that comes from a plant. And that really comes down to a personal preference at that point, as well as what is the best tool for that person to live a better life. Furthermore, I think it’s interesting that it’s not just a tool, but there’s actually evidence connecting the endo cannabinoid system with PTSD and with aversive memories in general that we actually have this old old system in our body that may have evolved in a certain way.

When it’s functioning properly to keep us in a healthy mental state, I think that’s fascinating. And that’s what the research is pointing to. Unfortunately, it’s still early. Of course, this is not FDA approved. You know, you don’t have anybody prescribing cannabis oil really for PTSD yet. But I think in the future that is very likely to change. And in the meantime, of course, people are using it. By just buying it over the counter. So I’d love to hear your thoughts of any of you on CBD oil for PTSD or anxiety in general. Please do check out the links below. This was a very general overview of the whole thing. You can dove a lot deeper and get into the details of the Ando cannabinoids that are actually responsible for this and are involved with this. Those are your body’s own cannabinoids as well as how THC CBD interact with them and and cause different kinds of effects in the endo cannabinoid system. You can also read just there’s a ton of content online just from people. I think some a lot of the strongest content comes from people just posting their stories on how it helped them and what it did for them. That’s some of the strongest content because. Although it has a con that it’s not a controlled scientific study, the benefit is that it’s usually when someone’s just expressing it, it’s very unbiased and they’re just expressing their experience. So that can be very powerful data in its own right. Specifically anecdotally, so do some Googling. If this is of interest to you, I know I’m going to be covering this in much more depth in the future. This really made me want to cover this in every detail and every direction. So expect more content, videos, blog posts, podcasts about CBD and its potential for using for anxiety and PTSD.

What Is CBD?

What Is CBD?

Yeah I think we’ve got a couple of restaurants we have Woodbury kitchen down in Baltimore they use it for bread service where people are dairy free and they don’t want to have butter for their bread. They basically put it out on a plate and make a really nice kind of presentation with a because it’s brilliant it’s freed and viable.

Yeah it is. It is people who are listening if you’d never seen it or tried it do yourself a favor and give it a try. And I also want to make sure people that are listening that are new to CBD and him know that we’re talking about right now hemp seed oil because Josh happens to be a producer of not just CBD oil CBD products but hemp seed oil as well and I think you know it’s really quite unique what you do because most a lot of brands who make a CBD oil they have to use a cure or oil that they typically are not producing themselves but you actually produce your own career oil correct.

That’s right. It’s very important to our model. You know we’re trying to really source local crops and provide that local crop to local populations. So it’s very I don’t think we would be doing CBD currently if we weren’t able to produce the majority of the CBD carrier oil in house.

The Right Type Of CBD Company

Honestly it really wouldn’t fit kind of our are our goals and outlook as a company. So yeah one of our goals is you know from the get go was to bring cannabis oil into that same sort of model where we have the carrier oil is sourced locally produced locally and then our CBD is also produced right here in the Susquehanna Valley. And I’m very proud of that fact because I don’t believe any other CBD company can offer that sort of in-house vertically integrated sort of model. And that’s really what we’re about is is building agriculture from the farmer level up and I think as long as we can convey that concept to our potential customers they’ll agree with that and be happy to be a part of that moving forward.

Yeah yeah. So have you had most people you say most the customers are local Pennsylvanians or do you have a lot of people ordering online.

We do have a pretty good online presence for oils and you know had a little bit of challenge with credit cards lately.
I think a lot of what have you.

Good Online CBD Suppliers

Yeah yeah we’re we’re struggling we had a Susquehanna hemp co was up and we we lost our our credit card processor actually lost two of them really quickly. So we’re in the midst of trying to revamp that right now.

But yeah well we ship oil all over the country currently are our edible oils or our salad oil canola oil sunflower oil all that jazz and a lot of those customers see that we have other oils and they buy those as well.

But you know basically from a you know a network of distribution we’re not really. I know this sounds un-American really to not try to conquer the world but I really I really feel like agriculture should be a regional local sort of choice for people and I’m not interested in having that national brand.

I’m really interested in having a very specific regional option for people who need or want to use CBD as well as other food oils.
Yeah and that’s great and that’s what we’re doing at my my dad’s store he’s selling on did very well to the fact that you know they’re getting a Pennsylvania wholly Pennsylvania made CBD hemp product.

Yeah that partnership has been going going very well. I’m actually excited he and I have a meeting tomorrow. I’m kind of excited to see how he talks about you know how that store is progressing and I guess he’s he’s doing well and and looking to add a couple other stores here in the near future.

One unique product that we have all been raving about is the combustion the CBD college.

Sure. Yeah. I’m actually having some right now for breakfast Believe it or not I do.

If I had some here I’d be having it as well so tell us the story of that. That was some local farmers near you that decided to make that with your half correct.

Yeah. Yeah we. I’m pretty active. We’ve got a couple of really great farmer’s markets here in our area and I’m a board member of both of them. And as I was last fall we had a new vendor come in want to sell come Burchill Well that’s the kind of thing you see come and go there’s all kinds of people that want to start off and then they realize how hard it is to to build a brand. And they kind of quit. About halfway through so at our market I think we’ve had four or five people that have tried to really push garbage as a business model and have failed at it. Well this is a young couple that decided they wanted to make make a living from their own land and started making gumboots. And they were making. I mean beyond the hemp I mean they had some great wonderful combos. Not too sweet not too sugary. You know just just this this wonderful sort of approach it more the healthful end of Caboolture. But just enough balance of wonderful flavor that really made a great thing. Well the first day that they came to our our market the woman that runs the operation Katie comes up to me and she just be lines right for me. She said you’re the hemp guy. And I said well I kind of am but what can I do for you. So she threw this at me. This is a dream of hers is to produce a hemp Cambodia and ideally it was just using hemp tea. That was her ideas to make this hemp tea that would kind of transcend into this. You know this opportunity because right now everything hemp is is pretty hot and they knew that there was an opportunity there to make a make a really good product.

What Is CBD And What Can It Do For You?

So initially we went out into a hemp field of think it was a dual purpose variety that I had gotten from Valley bio in Ontario. So it was oil seed variety but we cut it before the oil seed had actually formed and they took that the stocks dried the product down created a biomass made a t out of it out of the biomass and then they had to add a play with the Scobey.

That’s that’s used to make the combo chip to really find a balance that worked for it but they made a really really lovely effervescence lights. But definitely happy sort of come Boucher. That’s kind of where it started. That was prior to us having our own CBD biomass available. So they came back to me this winter and said well hey we really want to make we want to try this CBD biomass and see if that makes a really good beverage.

And we’ve been struggling with like trying to get it to stabilize for more commercial use but the flavor is absolutely outstanding if you like the flavor of of hemp hemp seeds or hemp biomass or whatever if you like that flavor. This stuff is absolutely perfectly captured the essence of hemp.

Is Canabis Oil The Same As Hemp Oil?

Can Canabis Oil Be Effective?

Yeah we saw that as an opportunity early on and a necessity to try to be able to source good quality genetics and be able to you know especially for my own growers or we’ve actually provided clones and and feminized seed starts to more than just my own permitted growers. We’ve got several people that we’re helping out a couple of universities as well. So we were able to like setup two separate cloning operations. We have a we have a greenhouse operation which is much bigger and then I have a small indoor propagation area here at my mill currently. And we’ve been able to produce all of the seedlings and clones that we’ve needed for probably close to 20 acres here this year in a very short period of time.

I mean obviously there’s not books out there that tell you how to grow CBD but we have a pretty proud of our team our team has really picked it up and learned a lot. I’ve had to make an efficient production system to produce these seedlings that need to go get transplanted out into the field for production.

The Best CBD Oils

That’s great. It’s great. It seems like you guys are really dipping into all the different aspects of the space and there are so many. Sure. Yeah yeah that’s that’s great. So I think a lot of people are curious too is I get a lot of questions on the basic differences between the hemp seed oil and a CBD oil and I think people understand those but where does the protein.

Because I know you guys also make there’s a protein powder right that you make from him as well as the hemp seed oil just the seed oil. But people can purchase from you but what is that. Where’s the protein. How was that made.

All right. So it’s made a couple of different ways. What we have here in our bill is we have like I said German made expel or mills. So that’s a very low temperature physical process to remove the oil from the oil seed once promising them.

Yeah. Yeah. Crush them right.

Yeah. Yeah. Well they call it an X feller which is essentially you’re using pressure and friction that’s created by that pressure to do the work of pulling the oil from the oil seed. So it’s a completely mechanical process. And what you’re left with once the oil is out is that you now have the remaining portion of the seed and the hole that doesn’t have the oil.

So then once the oil has been removed then it can be further processed into a flower or a well hemp protein. So it makes it very very nice. It’s about thirty five 33 percent protein component. It’s delicious. It’s nutty It’s flavorful. A lot of those guys that are out there that are are there’s a lot of us people that are looking for gluten free options. They really are attracted to the hemp protein sort of concept in cooking or we’ve got we have another product now that’s a lot of people are using in their smoothies adding it to their breakfast routine where they’re creating their energy drink or after work out recovery sort of thing. So it’s an exciting area right there in this in this protein powder. So what we did is we weren’t really tooled up to to mill it further in the mill here. So our expel our mills create like a little pellet that is basically the leftover seed haul and then we’ve partnered with a group down in Halifax P.A. a flour mill that was able to take that and then millet to something that would be similar to a flour that could be used in bakeries and baked goods and kitchen applications or obviously blends up very very well in a like a protein shakes or thing. And so we partnered up with them. They were able they had the food grade the mills the the stone mill the bagging operation and we use them to help us get to that point. And we produced about 10000 pounds of flour this year and it was it was just interesting to see all of these other businesses these other value added further processing businesses really latch on to wanting to use hemp flour. So we were able to find these other groups and make that product available to them and then that will be you know further on down the line.

It’s just moving the whole hemp industry further by developing more products.

Yeah I’m curious with that baking the flour hemp flour I think a lot of people want to know with hemp flour you can bake it and get it to high temperatures like heat wise but hemp seed oil you don’t want to do that right. You don’t cook with it you don’t fry with it.

Yeah. So hemp seed oil has a really good level of a mega three which is a super healthy oil for humans and for your health. The problem with a mega three is it’s fairly unstable. It’s a very unsaturated fats and that makes it prone to oxidation.
So yeah any time that you have an elevated temperature for a period of time or even light for actually beat him with the amount of chlorophyll that’s in it is it somewhat prone to photo oxidation as well. So you have to be kind of careful about the temperatures that you use hemp seed oil. But we’ve you know we’ve had good results several bakeries have really kind of latched on to that the hemp protein and made breads we have a company in Lancaster that’s making a soft pretzel line which is I think they have it in a couple of major supermarket chains. It’s delicious absolutely delicious. I don’t know what the inclusion of the hemp protein is in their mix I would think it’s probably minor because it doesn’t it doesn’t have any gluten. So you know for those of us that enjoy gluten and really good bread it’s not going to make really good bread for us. I mean those folks that are really going for gluten free options and they’ve figured out how to make bread like products without gluten you know it’s going to it’s going to be a nice addition to what they have to be able to make things out of. But yeah I see I see a great potential there including this product in in other things we actually also use the hemp protein. We have a soap line. We have liquid soap line and a bar soap line and we add it into the bar so as kind of like not like pumice but like just a little bit of an abrasion portion in there makes a really good scrub.

Finding The Right Canabis Oil

I love that stuff. I use it. It’s great. So that’s what I mean.

And it gets really really latched on to that. So we’ve got. I mean I’d never thought in a million years that we would be selling that much bar soap. But it’s it’s been really quite nice.

So the hemp seed oil. What are some good uses of it for people. I personally put it on salad and I also just will just eat a spoonful of it. But I think it’s delicious on a lot of places where you would have used olive oil just not just for cooking.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

What Can Cannabis Oil Do For Me?

So he kept in contact with me and I didn’t realize but he was actually one of the ones. Adam Thompson his name. He was instrumental in being part of Pennsylvania. Adopting a research sort of position early on in this industry to have legislation that it would allow us to do research on farms with industrial hemp. So that’s how we began. And obviously as an oilseed processor I’m always looking for things that we can grow here in the mid-Atlantic region add value to farms diversify. Farmers you know potential crops to kind of give them a better chance of making a reasonable income on their farms. So it was very interesting to me is to say OK here we go.

Give this a shot. So that’s why we got started with hemp was it looked like an opportunity. And it’s interesting how it was really kind of shunned early on like people were like Oh what do you grow in that stuff for. But now all of those preconceived notions of happen you know or cannabis in general have really disappeared. And just very quickly in the last year or so and now I get calls all the time from people wanting to grow hemp or wanting my help to consult with them on their farm operation to add hemp into their business in some way shape or form.

CBD Crops

Yeah well it’s it’s a pretty unique plant. I mean for all the controversy surrounding it you’re growing it for so many different uses just on your own. You’re one farm.

Well sure. I mean we’re not growing them all near each other. I rent a lot of farm ground. So like my ground is stretched out. So basically those varieties that are I’m calling the field hemp you know the varieties that were growing for fiber and the varieties were growing for the oil seed. Those are full pollination crops. So you have males and females in the field. Those have to be a pretty decent distance away from CBD crops because when you’re planting CBD you’re planting just female plants. You do not want pollination because with seed production CBD content goes down it could be a real risk. I mean CBD production is is rather expensive in terms of how much the seeds cost how much the plants cost. The intensity of what it takes to grow CBD so it’s really got to be a pretty good eye on details to make sure that you’re not planting your field hemp near your CBD hemp.
Yep yep. So you keep them quite far away.

Different CBD varieties

Yeah I’ve got one. I have a oilseed variety that’s about five and a half miles from my CBD variety in my CBD varieties actually up on top of the mountain the other hemp variety is down in the bottom of a valley.

I’m hoping it’s not an issue. I guess I’ll let you know in three months if it’s an issue in the CBD fields you plant it all just females ready right. That’s correct. Yeah yeah. We have about 14 acres of CBD production right now.

Which Is The Best Cannabis Oil For Me?

Yeah that’s a lot actually. I mean it’s unbelievable how much you can get from just one acre.

It really is. Unfortunately I have trouble saying no. Sometimes and I see opportunities and sometimes I go bigger than I should.
Well you know I think it’s the time to do that in this space. So I can’t say enough how nice it was to buy the seed things from you in a female to know they were just all females you know because all my energy and taking care of those plants I think I’ve got about 20 from you I knew that they were all there was some guarantee in there.
Well sure.

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