What Is Cannabis Oil?

What Can Cannabis Oil Do For Me?

So he kept in contact with me and I didn’t realize but he was actually one of the ones. Adam Thompson his name. He was instrumental in being part of Pennsylvania. Adopting a research sort of position early on in this industry to have legislation that it would allow us to do research on farms with industrial hemp. So that’s how we began. And obviously as an oilseed processor I’m always looking for things that we can grow here in the mid-Atlantic region add value to farms diversify. Farmers you know potential crops to kind of give them a better chance of making a reasonable income on their farms. So it was very interesting to me is to say OK here we go.

Give this a shot. So that’s why we got started with hemp was it looked like an opportunity. And it’s interesting how it was really kind of shunned early on like people were like Oh what do you grow in that stuff for. But now all of those preconceived notions of happen you know or cannabis in general have really disappeared. And just very quickly in the last year or so and now I get calls all the time from people wanting to grow hemp or wanting my help to consult with them on their farm operation to add hemp into their business in some way shape or form.

CBD Crops

Yeah well it’s it’s a pretty unique plant. I mean for all the controversy surrounding it you’re growing it for so many different uses just on your own. You’re one farm.

Well sure. I mean we’re not growing them all near each other. I rent a lot of farm ground. So like my ground is stretched out. So basically those varieties that are I’m calling the field hemp you know the varieties that were growing for fiber and the varieties were growing for the oil seed. Those are full pollination crops. So you have males and females in the field. Those have to be a pretty decent distance away from CBD crops because when you’re planting CBD you’re planting just female plants. You do not want pollination because with seed production CBD content goes down it could be a real risk. I mean CBD production is is rather expensive in terms of how much the seeds cost how much the plants cost. The intensity of what it takes to grow CBD so it’s really got to be a pretty good eye on details to make sure that you’re not planting your field hemp near your CBD hemp.
Yep yep. So you keep them quite far away.

Different CBD varieties

Yeah I’ve got one. I have a oilseed variety that’s about five and a half miles from my CBD variety in my CBD varieties actually up on top of the mountain the other hemp variety is down in the bottom of a valley.

I’m hoping it’s not an issue. I guess I’ll let you know in three months if it’s an issue in the CBD fields you plant it all just females ready right. That’s correct. Yeah yeah. We have about 14 acres of CBD production right now.

Which Is The Best Cannabis Oil For Me?

Yeah that’s a lot actually. I mean it’s unbelievable how much you can get from just one acre.

It really is. Unfortunately I have trouble saying no. Sometimes and I see opportunities and sometimes I go bigger than I should.
Well you know I think it’s the time to do that in this space. So I can’t say enough how nice it was to buy the seed things from you in a female to know they were just all females you know because all my energy and taking care of those plants I think I’ve got about 20 from you I knew that they were all there was some guarantee in there.
Well sure.

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