I’m going to have a great interview coming up with a man named Roy and he is from the American herbal farm, a copier. I’m going to be asking him questions about quality control in the cannabis space. And I think you all will enjoy this interview because the American herbal pharma copier, they produce these things called monographs, which are these very concise, concentrated booklets that deal with one botanical. For instance, you can have one for acne, Shia, one for cannabis, one for maybe ginseng, one for any herbal that you would take. And they release. They’re very informative, concentrated little packets. You can find it on their website.

But the reason why I think he’s going to be very interesting is because he is in California and California also obviously being a state that has had cannabis available to its residents for a much longer time period than other states in the United States.

And they’ve used, I believe, some of their regulation on things like pesticides and quality control, like mold and toxins and all that stuff. They’ve gotten some of their I’m talking about California’s governing agencies for this stuff. They’ve gotten some of that information from the American Herbal, a copy, I think, or vise versa. Some of them, they’ve worked together. So I think it’ll be just a good conversation. So watch out for that soon. That’ll be coming up and moving on. I just wanted to talk about today something interesting that some of you might not have ever thought of. And it’s going to be a little bit less CBD focused, but just about cannabis in general. So one thing that I thought of today was I wanted to share two unique things. About cannabis that maybe people haven’t thought of the one. It’s not too unique, actually. One would be just I mentioned this before. I’m going to save the unique one for for last. I’ll share the the less unique one first. But, you know, I always just I like to do these podcasts from time to time in a very informal way and just kind of share my thoughts with you.

Maybe you enjoy that. Maybe you don’t let me know. But this one I’m just saying one thing about cannabis that I really think is incredible is its effect on someone’s appetite. This has always been, for me, one of the most exciting aspects of cannabis.

It’s not really unique to CBD. It’s far more of a THC thing. And what is CBD?

This is because of how THC interacts with our CB one receptor, which is part of our endo cannabinoid system. And that receptor has a lot to do with our hunger, our appetite.

And I think this is just amazing for. The fact that you have people who use cannabis that might have something else going on.

In their life, that makes them not be able to eat, whether it’s chemotherapy or something in their life, that for some reason is ruining their appetite. This can be one of the worst experiences someone can have when you can’t eat something and especially when you’re sick or you’re immunocompromised for whatever reason and you can’t eat. This is just anybody listening if you ever experienced this. It’s very, very just it’s a terrible experience. I don’t wish it on anybody. It’s because you’re you in your mind.

You know, that you need to eat to be healthy. You need to eat and you need nutrition. But you can’t. So it’s like this dueling forces inside of you and you can’t because you’re either nauseous or you. Ah, just have no appetite, your appetite is gone. And what’s amazing about cannabis, what I’ve always thought was amazing is that it has this dual effect where it helps people manage nausea. It decreases nausea and it increases appetite. It’s almost a God given plant. I think in that sense, because it has this effect where it’s a two punch, where it’s eliminating nausea and it’s increasing appetite, allowing the person to get food down now because they’re hungry and because they are. They’re they’re not just hungry, but they’re nauseous, has gone down so they can hold the food down so that their body can process it. And this is amazing because also if they enjoy the effects of you see if it does, relax them. Now, not everybody is going to enjoy the effect because THC affects different people differently if they’re not really used to it. They might may take some some time. For them to enjoy it, you know, it’s it’s one of those things where it’s kind of like an acquired taste for some people, they might not like it right away, but then they get more into it as their body starts to absorb it better or they just build up a tolerance for it. But I think this is just one of the best parts of it in that not only can it help someone eat, but it can also relax them and give them a better sense of well-being. And I’ve heard miraculous stories of people who are dealing with an illness, whether it’s cancer or some other debilitating disease or anything. Really, it doesn’t have to be cancer. It can be AIDS. It could be any kind of just very serious condition that they’re dealing with. It could even be just an injury. But. The cannabis oil relaxes them and it could be CBD, too. Doesn’t have to be just THC. Some people prefer CBD. I’m just talking about cannabis in general today.

So not just CBD as I normally do, but, you know, it relaxes them. It gets rid of their nausea and it increases their appetite. It’s it’s almost too good to be true. And it has this divine. Attribute, I think, to it almost not to really get into. I’m not really talking about religion here. I just mean, it almost has this kind of objective reason for being in a sense that it was put on the earth to be used by humans for thousands of years for these purposes to to improve our lives. And in much the same way as we use other plants like apples and kale or whatever plants that we use to improve our lives. Cannabis has this amazing quality of just helping someone who’s sick feel better through eating and through nausea relief. And I just wanted to share that time and time again. I consider what kind of content to share with all of you. And that’s today. I just wanted to share that is one of my favorite things about cannabis. And make sure you leave a comment below. That’s something you’ve experienced yourself. And if it’s helped you and it’s cool because you don’t need a lot, you know, you don’t need to overdo it in the same way as like a lot of people like to have a glass of wine after work. You know, a small amount of cannabis after work or it’s not something that it has to be, you know, abused is what I’m saying. It’s certainly able to be used responsibly and dosed very, very carefully with. Even, I think much easier than alcohol because you can you can dose it very, very precisely if you’re using extracts, especially moving on.

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