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Oh yeah yeah. There of course. And they are finicky sometimes. So you need to keep an eye on him and so on and so forth. And I think that’s a good advice if connecting with the law enforcement and making that personal connection to be transparent. And you know especially if you’re growing fields of this stuff is pretty much impossible to keep it completely hidden unless you’re in a very private location. So yeah it’s great.

Josh just to finish things off your wood products. If for the listeners who are you know they’re totally new to your both your brands to Susquehanna Mills company for the oil products that we’ll see canola oil and sunflower oil and other oils you sell there new to your hemp line as well what products do you recommend people start off with that are just listening in today.
Well sure we have you know if they’re interested in CBD products I’m very proud of our CBD tincture line. We it’s got a great flavor are hemp seed oil is a very very mild nutty delicious flavor to it which I know a lot of these CBD lines it can get a little un tasty not tasty to chew like you’re biting into hay or you’re to too much too much play. Oh man. Almost overwhelming. Yeah for sure. And so we’ve I don’t know by accident. I guess we have created a very we just did it the way we thought we should do it. We’ve produced a tincture line that is a little stronger than some of the other ones on the market and there are lots of great brands out there. There are a lot of people that are doing it the correct way that are that are actually putting the right amount of CBD in product which is good. There are some that don’t.


I think there’s been studies. I heard some of the reports from the FDA hearings about CBD and really asking for some oversight because some of the products do not contain their advertised amount of CBD. So our products we have got our tincture line which are our standard normal bottle is a one ounce 30 milliliter Dropper Bottle of tincture that is the strength of ours is 40 milligrams per millimeter. So it’s about twelve hundred milligrams per bottle and a lot of people are like why do you make it that strong. And the reason we made that is because I feel that if CBD is going to work for you I want it to work for you. You can always take less. You can always cut your dosage back to make the economy work in your favour. So we started out with instead of a 500 milliliter bottle MG bottle or two hundred MG bottle we went right for a twelve hundred milligram bottle and I think for the most part people respond well to that. Now it is a little more money. It’s a little a little higher cost because of that inclusion of CBD but I feel that that’s the best approach that we started out with. And we are making we are working on other tincture levels like we’re doing a. A pet CBD like a dog CBD that’s going to be less inclusion is going to be about 500 milligrams per millimeter of CBD in an occlusion with a beef and chicken flavoring. We are also doing a stronger CBD these gentlemen that have these more progressive neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease or M.S.. Gentlemen we need to be making tinctures that are much much stronger because those are progressive diseases that need additional CBD. So in the future we’re going to have other products available but today our main line product is 40 milligrams per milliliter. We have a 1 ounce bottle which retails for about one hundred dollars. We have a a 10 milliliter bottle which is a nice approachable. Like if someone has tried other brands of CBD and might be a bit apprehensive to spend that initial hundred dollars we brought this product out that’s more of a starter size sort of thing and the prices according to that we also have a two ounce bottle for those that have found the relief they need or the result they need from the inclusion of CBD in their daily program. And that gives them a little advantage by buying two ounces at a time. The price is less than two other bottles of CBD.

Ok cool cool. So you would definitely start with the tincture.

Well it depends on what they’re trying to go after.

If it’s anxiety is the goal to reduce anxiety tincture you know take in at the same time a very periodic girls sort of inclusion into your diet I think is pretty critical if there is a specific injury or a specific area like an elbow or or hands or a knee or a hip or a topical area that can help with CBD I would recommend getting a topical cream a topical application in addition to the tincture line and try to tag those two things together and put more CBD where the specific issue is. What’s interesting is a lot of these people that are suffering with the things find that that CBT really helps them sleep better. Oh yeah.

And I mean we can’t discount the fact that the value of quality rest in terms of overall health. So like for me that’s that’s the biggest reason I take CBD. I have a super overactive mind so when I lay down to sleep at night I just like my brain just keeps spinning. And for most of my life I’ve had a hard time sleep and more than four or five hours and I’ve been taking CBD vape juice UK for about three years now consistently take it at nine eight o’clock at night generally and I’m able to get a good solid or restful rejected of eight nine hours of sleep which is tremendously beneficial to my overall personal health.

So you know there’s other ways of getting sleep but I think this is a great way of doing it in a healthy format you know.
Yeah. And I think a lot of people can relate to that problem that are having trouble sleeping and I used melatonin. I use CBT too for that and I always just make sure to make it a point that I have to prioritize sleep. It’s kind of stupid that we have to do something that’s so prioritize something that should be pretty natural. But unless you prioritize it something will take it away from you so I think a lot of people are using CBT to help them stay on a good sleep schedule. Yeah yeah. We’re just on nights when they just are too wound up or too much going on or whatever reason not maybe not every night you know just using it to on nights when it’s you know they need to sleep and they’re a little bit too awake. So yeah that’s great. Josh thanks for coming on and being a guest today. And like I said I think we could do you have enough knowledge that we could do probably one of these every week just talking about your farming experience and extracting. Where do you see this whole thing going where CBD and we can get your closing thoughts now that we know what products you would recommend for people starting out but just for people listening. Where do you see this space going in the next 10 20 30 years. What do you think’s going to happen in the CBD and have space.

I think it’s going to be ever changing and that’s why from a business it’s very important for us to try to evaluate these opportunities as they present themselves and act act on those opportunities. I think it’s going to change dramatically. I think it’s going to go through the evolution of any new product or any new industry and there’ll be highs there’ll be lows there’ll be oversupply there’ll be undersupply they’ll be instability in pricing I think that it’ll take a little while for it to settle out and I think it’s important to be aware of that as you as you go ahead. A lot of people are getting excited about investing in the cannabis arena and I think that shouldn’t be. Those decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Really need to be look in ahead of where it is right now. Really looking down the road a little bit.

So I feel that while CBD is super exciting right now and it’s it gives a great opportunity for four farms to add profitable rotation into their deal. I do think that long term it’s it’s the entire all of the uses that are going to come into play to kind of really build this industry fiber fiber in itself like that is I believe that the fiber hemp fiber industry has got the same sort of power of the lumber industry 100 years ago. I mean I’m talking like city building strength of industry and I think that’s where it’s important to not just focus on one piece of this hemp development but focus on all of it.

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And any opportunity that’s coming to the table and there might be a time where it’s it’s all of it together we might be like the European model they typically don’t grow specific varietals like we’re doing here in Pennsylvania for CBD production they’re doing field production which happens to have a little bit of CBD in it but also they’re also getting a fiber crop in addition to the CBD.

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