What Is The Best CBD Oil In The UK?

What Is The Best CBD Oil UK?

We supply cooking oil to John Hopkins University Princeton University of Pennsylvania Loyola back now like combing Elmira College. There’s a there’s more I can’t thank them all right now. But we found a pretty nice niche with supplying a locally sourced high quality canola frying oil to to these folks and that’s kind of what we built are our model upon here.

What is canola so canola is a low risk acid rapeseed so people have always heard it though rapeseed it’s an industrial blah blah blah. Well 40 years ago people started breeding canola to have lower levels of your basic acid Jurassic acid is what makes mustard bitter which gives it that bite that taste that everybody is going for but you certainly don’t want to consume a huge amount of that. So just like the cannabis industry has bred cannabis to be either high CBD oil or high THC levels or better for fiber or better for grain. You know same thing happened in agriculture for canola where people started to isolate varietals of canola that had lower levels of this risk acid that made it more palatable both to people and to animals and really has developed a very very nice genetic that you know not through genetic manipulation but through selective breeding have isolated some varieties that have done very very well for us here in Pennsylvania that has produced a very very high quality cooking oil that people have really responded well to.

High CBD Not High THC

So is it’s interesting that people are using it mostly for cooking and frying food. Do you mean that kind a deep fryer.
Yeah mostly I mean colleges. I mean you know we’ve all been to college. What do you eat the most.
French fries and nuggets you know that’s what it is. Chicken fingers.

So when I was thinking about. Yeah. So you’ve got a lot of and you have to feed a lot of kids on a budget.
So it’s a very affordable way to cook a large amount of food fast so as much as we all kind of want to steer away from fried food. It’s a major part of feeding students on campuses as is frying. So it’s interesting that this whole farm to table know non gmo movement which by the way wasn’t cool when we started.

It’s cool now.

So we were kinda incidentally ahead of the curve not knowing it but we were able to kind of be in the right position when the move towards sourcing local really improving sustainability for these universities and these colleges we were right there. So it’s really been a really great opportunity for us to kind of build our business around what we’re very proud of which has been very very satisfactory.

OK. YEAH. SO THAT’S IT. YOU SAID ABOUT SEVEN YEARS AGO AND OUR FARM. YEAH. YOU’RE farming. OK. And what point did you get into CBD.

The Best CBD Oil UK

Well so initially I was farming a piece of ground up north of me and the landowner sun came out the one day and I knew him.
He’s he’s been local. I’ve known him for a while. He comes up and he says hey you know what you grow hemp up here and I said Well I don’t know.

I said Well first of all it’s legal and it’s profitable. Sure I’ll give it a shot.

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