7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)

They proposed CBD as a treatment for heroin craving and relapse prevention. Given the benign nature of this drug, we should be doing this today. I’m sure trying to get studies gone along those lines. And we are back in class. The dean, the CBT professor from CBT school dot com. Your school to learn all about canopy dial. The clip you just heard was from a talk given by Ethan Russo, which I found projects CBD, which is a great site. I will link to below for you in the description. But I started off with that clip because he’s talking about CBD for addiction and that’s going to be the topic of our second podcast here at the CBD school. So I wanted to talk about CBD for addiction (hemp oil is not the same), because although addiction is a complex topic and there’s a lot of reasons why someone might have an addiction or be struggling with addiction. There has been some evidence that CBD can be helpful for people as well as cannabis in general. And we have evidence from a variety of different sources, including some studies that we have, although I think we need more on humans, but we do have some mixed studies between animal and human studies on CBD for addiction. And then we anecdotally know that for a long time now, cannabis has been used to treat addiction and it still is for some people. Cannabis has been a lifesaver in acting as a replacement for a more harmful drug. They were using and we’re addicted to. Of course, that’s complicated because you don’t want to replace one addiction with another one, even though that other one might be far more benign than the original. Either way, the point is that CBD has a compound is not very addictive and has shown itself to be also of course not intoxicating, but as a possible tool for people who have an addiction and are struggling with that addiction.

As I said, cannabis has been used historically, but in more recent years we’ve seen CBD specifically be useful for addiction for a number of reasons. The first one is that CBD oil benefits is helpful for people for anxiety, and if that anxiety is what’s possibly triggering their addiction, then using something like CBD, if it works for them for their anxiety, could be very effective for them. Other interesting facts that we’ve seen is what Rousseau was actually talking about in this talk. You should check it out. But it was found that people that had brain damage from some kind of event in their life, be it a stroke or a car accident, obviously not a good thing. But people that had had brain damage to a certain part of their brain and that had altered the activity of that section of their brain were able to overnight basically quit their addictions without any issues. And this led scientists to believe that there’s a part of. Well, there are parts of the brain that are especially significant for addiction. Russo then talks about another paper where a high dose of CBD affected that exact same part of the brain. And this could be the evidence for CBD role in addiction, for stopping addiction. The other thing we have is that we like I said, we do have a number of mixed animal trials on different drugs like cocaine and heroin. And then we have some human trials on CBD for stopping cigaret smoking. So nicotine addiction or cigaret addiction, as well as some research on its help with withdrawal or cessation of marijuana usage. The cigaret study is pretty cool. It’s very interesting. It’s got a group of people who were cigaret smokers at the time and half of them were given placebo inhalers and the other half were given inhalers with CBP.

It turned out that the group with the CBD inhalers had less cravings and smoked less cigarets than the placebo group. I’m pretty sure had less cravings. They definitely smoked less cigarets. I don’t know. I don’t know if they asked or if they if they necessarily had those cravings. And that is important because that’s what drives the perpetuation of an addiction anyway. I think what all these little pieces of evidence show us the anti anxiety, the effect on brain activity and the limited evidence we have from animal and human trials. They do show us that there’s a strong potential. Could be helpful for someone with an addiction. I don’t think it would necessarily be helpful for any addiction. Since addiction is complex, as I started off with, and it can be caused by a variety of factors, but depending on what they are, CBT could be potentially a very important compound in the battle against addiction. In the coming years, it’s also not just the CBD, interestingly enough, but in another study it was shown that beta carry offline in an inhaler was able to help control cigaret addiction as well. It was thought that it was because of the irritation on the throat, mimicking the same irritation that cigaret smokers get and become addicted to. But it’s in Russo’s opinion. It could also be because it’s a Turpin that is having its own effect, and it’s the Turpin that’s commonly found in cannabis. Peter Carey offline as we’ve talked about that before. So a lot of interesting stuff. I’ll link to these studies below so you can check these out. I highly recommend you watch his talk where I learned a good amount of this stuff from because he breaks it down rather nicely. They’re all linked to that.

And check out that review article because that gives you a group of these studies and events that we do have for CBT for addiction. And of course, we can’t forget that anecdotally cannabis as a whole. That’s not just CBD, that’s cannabinoids and capital it found in the cannabis that was being used. But we know anecdotally that cannabis is helpful for calming people who are struggling with an addiction and for acting as a replacement for whatever they were addicted to. And of course, in a lot of cases, probably in most, the cannabis is much safer to the person’s health than the thing that they’re replacing. There is a problem there. And of course, if you get an addiction to cannabis, that is problematic. But addiction to cannabis is far less of an issue and far less detrimental generally than addiction to harmful substances like heroin and cocaine. The last thing I’ll say is that I think there’s a major benefit in if CBD can be used to manage pain and have people less reliant on painkillers and opiate painkillers specifically and less chance of being addicted to those things. And I think anti anxiety meds too. I mean, those are addictive. If someone can control their anxiety with CBD before they even have a chance of becoming addicted to something just by virtue of the fact that they were taking it every day, it was prescribed to them and it seemed like the right thing to do. But then of course, one thing leads to another an addiction can start from that. CBD could possibly be a strong enough replacement to treat the symptoms that were being treated with a more addictive medication. I think it has an enormous potential there to improve the lives of many people and prevent addictions and problematic things like that from happening.

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