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Buy CBD Oil

Buy CBD Oil

Oh yeah yeah. There of course. And they are finicky sometimes. So you need to keep an eye on him and so on and so forth. And I think that’s a good advice if connecting with the law enforcement and making that personal connection to be transparent. And you know especially if you’re growing fields of this stuff is pretty much impossible to keep it completely hidden unless you’re in a very private location. So yeah it’s great.

Josh just to finish things off your wood products. If for the listeners who are you know they’re totally new to your both your brands to Susquehanna Mills company for the oil products that we’ll see canola oil and sunflower oil and other oils you sell there new to your hemp line as well what products do you recommend people start off with that are just listening in today.
Well sure we have you know if they’re interested in CBD products I’m very proud of our CBD tincture line. We it’s got a great flavor are hemp seed oil is a very very mild nutty delicious flavor to it which I know a lot of these CBD lines it can get a little un tasty not tasty to chew like you’re biting into hay or you’re to too much too much play. Oh man. Almost overwhelming. Yeah for sure. And so we’ve I don’t know by accident. I guess we have created a very we just did it the way we thought we should do it. We’ve produced a tincture line that is a little stronger than some of the other ones on the market and there are lots of great brands out there. There are a lot of people that are doing it the correct way that are that are actually putting the right amount of CBD in product which is good. There are some that don’t.


I think there’s been studies. I heard some of the reports from the FDA hearings about CBD and really asking for some oversight because some of the products do not contain their advertised amount of CBD. So our products we have got our tincture line which are our standard normal bottle is a one ounce 30 milliliter Dropper Bottle of tincture that is the strength of ours is 40 milligrams per millimeter. So it’s about twelve hundred milligrams per bottle and a lot of people are like why do you make it that strong. And the reason we made that is because I feel that if CBD is going to work for you I want it to work for you. You can always take less. You can always cut your dosage back to make the economy work in your favour. So we started out with instead of a 500 milliliter bottle MG bottle or two hundred MG bottle we went right for a twelve hundred milligram bottle and I think for the most part people respond well to that. Now it is a little more money. It’s a little a little higher cost because of that inclusion of CBD but I feel that that’s the best approach that we started out with. And we are making we are working on other tincture levels like we’re doing a. A pet CBD like a dog CBD that’s going to be less inclusion is going to be about 500 milligrams per millimeter of CBD in an occlusion with a beef and chicken flavoring. We are also doing a stronger CBD these gentlemen that have these more progressive neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease or M.S.. Gentlemen we need to be making tinctures that are much much stronger because those are progressive diseases that need additional CBD. So in the future we’re going to have other products available but today our main line product is 40 milligrams per milliliter. We have a 1 ounce bottle which retails for about one hundred dollars. We have a a 10 milliliter bottle which is a nice approachable. Like if someone has tried other brands of CBD and might be a bit apprehensive to spend that initial hundred dollars we brought this product out that’s more of a starter size sort of thing and the prices according to that we also have a two ounce bottle for those that have found the relief they need or the result they need from the inclusion of CBD in their daily program. And that gives them a little advantage by buying two ounces at a time. The price is less than two other bottles of CBD.

Ok cool cool. So you would definitely start with the tincture.

Well it depends on what they’re trying to go after.

If it’s anxiety is the goal to reduce anxiety tincture you know take in at the same time a very periodic girls sort of inclusion into your diet I think is pretty critical if there is a specific injury or a specific area like an elbow or or hands or a knee or a hip or a topical area that can help with CBD I would recommend getting a topical cream a topical application in addition to the tincture line and try to tag those two things together and put more CBD where the specific issue is. What’s interesting is a lot of these people that are suffering with the things find that that CBT really helps them sleep better. Oh yeah.

And I mean we can’t discount the fact that the value of quality rest in terms of overall health. So like for me that’s that’s the biggest reason I take CBD. I have a super overactive mind so when I lay down to sleep at night I just like my brain just keeps spinning. And for most of my life I’ve had a hard time sleep and more than four or five hours and I’ve been taking CBD vape juice UK for about three years now consistently take it at nine eight o’clock at night generally and I’m able to get a good solid or restful rejected of eight nine hours of sleep which is tremendously beneficial to my overall personal health.

So you know there’s other ways of getting sleep but I think this is a great way of doing it in a healthy format you know.
Yeah. And I think a lot of people can relate to that problem that are having trouble sleeping and I used melatonin. I use CBT too for that and I always just make sure to make it a point that I have to prioritize sleep. It’s kind of stupid that we have to do something that’s so prioritize something that should be pretty natural. But unless you prioritize it something will take it away from you so I think a lot of people are using CBT to help them stay on a good sleep schedule. Yeah yeah. We’re just on nights when they just are too wound up or too much going on or whatever reason not maybe not every night you know just using it to on nights when it’s you know they need to sleep and they’re a little bit too awake. So yeah that’s great. Josh thanks for coming on and being a guest today. And like I said I think we could do you have enough knowledge that we could do probably one of these every week just talking about your farming experience and extracting. Where do you see this whole thing going where CBD and we can get your closing thoughts now that we know what products you would recommend for people starting out but just for people listening. Where do you see this space going in the next 10 20 30 years. What do you think’s going to happen in the CBD and have space.

I think it’s going to be ever changing and that’s why from a business it’s very important for us to try to evaluate these opportunities as they present themselves and act act on those opportunities. I think it’s going to change dramatically. I think it’s going to go through the evolution of any new product or any new industry and there’ll be highs there’ll be lows there’ll be oversupply there’ll be undersupply they’ll be instability in pricing I think that it’ll take a little while for it to settle out and I think it’s important to be aware of that as you as you go ahead. A lot of people are getting excited about investing in the cannabis arena and I think that shouldn’t be. Those decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. Really need to be look in ahead of where it is right now. Really looking down the road a little bit.

So I feel that while CBD is super exciting right now and it’s it gives a great opportunity for four farms to add profitable rotation into their deal. I do think that long term it’s it’s the entire all of the uses that are going to come into play to kind of really build this industry fiber fiber in itself like that is I believe that the fiber hemp fiber industry has got the same sort of power of the lumber industry 100 years ago. I mean I’m talking like city building strength of industry and I think that’s where it’s important to not just focus on one piece of this hemp development but focus on all of it.

Buy CBD Oil Online

And any opportunity that’s coming to the table and there might be a time where it’s it’s all of it together we might be like the European model they typically don’t grow specific varietals like we’re doing here in Pennsylvania for CBD production they’re doing field production which happens to have a little bit of CBD in it but also they’re also getting a fiber crop in addition to the CBD.

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil UK

It is I mean we went through a whole evolution of our retail line over the years here where we.

We started out with glass bottles and we had some bigger ones we had some smaller ones where we had mixed results from. We went to glass originally because you know most people that are concerned about chemicals and their health and obviously Glass is a fairly neutral container.

What we didn’t like about that glass containers was that they kept breaking you know people would drop one in the store and that was a problem. Also they were all imported. They were all from Asia from China. You know she didn’t really have any kind of like connection to it.

So we ended up when we re-evaluated our retail line a year ago or two years maybe two years ago we found a supplier right here in Pennsylvania and Hazelton pretty of plastics that makes a really super nice 7 or 15 mil litter.

Great CBD Products For Consumers

They called it an olive oil container in from. Yeah we went from glass to plastic which somebody might like say well that’s not an upgrade that’s a downgrade but you know now my dollars are going to a Pennsylvania company.

You know we now provide our consumer with a with a more value added proposition where you know you can get a lot more oil in a container for a better price. So I think like in this crazy world that we live in I think it was a good move to to switch out our containers over to this other manufacturer and we’re pretty proud of the current product. I think we we’ve kind of hit the nail on the head with a value proposition for the end consumer and it’s reasonable it’s not it’s not outrageously priced so it’s attainable for most most people. How much is that. I think our language fifteen ninety nine is where our hemp seed oil is and of course we have our wool and sunflower that are less. Yeah so but they’re all local which is like you know when you can find something that’s similar to the big commercial industrial products that’s not too far out of whack for a price tag. I think that’s a win for everybody for consumers for farmers for manufacturers for retailers. That’s all we’ve got to do. Everybody needs to win a little bit and we’ll forget about that in business and that’s how. They don’t do so well.

CBD In Hemp Seed Oil

You know Josh I’m still stuck on this CBD in the hemp seed oil but actually I was thinking what I was just trailing off and thinking about it and you know what it doesn’t have any significant mass CBD because it’s all CBD a well which is different to hemp oil.

Well there’s people that talk about the value of CBD a in addition to CBD.

Oh yeah yeah for sure for sure.

And should we explain the difference between that currently for your for your audience there that may.

Yeah I think a lot of people don’t know. So go ahead please. OK. Well I don’t know.

I’m not a chemist by any means but so CBD and THC and cannabis naturally occur as CBD a or THC. So they don’t really become active until they’re converted into just CBD or THC by the car box relation which is basically heat treating that product and tell me if I’m crazy you know probably more about this than I do.

I mean is that. Yeah you’re right. Yeah yeah. Very well explained.

Yeah I’ll have my office go ahead and send over that test result of that that hemp seed oil to you might find that interesting.
Oh yeah I got it I got it. Thank you. The cannabinoids exist in their acid form in the plant and that’s actually why a lot of people like to juice the plant or just use it raw in basically a similar form as as hemp seed oil where it’s how does it even getting in the hemp seed oil is it because some of it gets attached to the seed from the plant.

Yeah I would imagine. I mean typically what happens in the plants is the highest levels of CBD or are right before seed production.

Which CBD Vape Oil UK?

So the plants I don’t know rather it’s a protected or some but I’m not sure how it’s evolved and what it is.

Well actually the theory is that they’re they actually don’t they or whoever they are they don’t the scientists the researchers they don’t know exactly what the purpose of cannabinoids are but one of the strongest theories is that it’s a deterrent for natural predators that would eat the cannabis plant. And also I believe it’s because the is this true you could help me with this is that in the plant the cannabinoids they are physically visible like as a sticky resin right. So you can actually see it. And what that does is it prevents I think he keeps like bugs from looking like they get stuck in it and they can’t attack the plant. So it’s all I think it’s mostly it is all protection. Maybe there’s some pollination involved there for getting attracting things but we obviously use it for something else. Is that does that sound right to you.

Sounds plausible Yeah but as so after your pollination happens the CBD content it goes away games be consumed as the seed production takes place and you know it’s a progression. So you’re at your peak CBD production in the cannabis plant is right before it starts to set seed. So from a production standpoint those are numbers that we need to be looking at from our testing our field crops to make sure that we’re gonna pick harvest our CBD crops at their peak of CBD production. So I’m not sure about like why nature gave it to it but if it’s good for us it’s you know it’s got to be good for the plants. I would imagine so.
Yes. So how does it use up the CBD for the seed it eats it it just consumes it in seed production.

I don’t know but it’s interesting like so the peak of both CBD and THC in hemp is just prior to seed production and then it as seed production happens rather it’s consumed by the act of producing the seeds. But basically that starts to drop down. So these CBD producers that are growing straight varietals that might have seed production are going to get far less CBD per pound than what the guys that are running straight female plants that have no pollination in the field.
How does it work if you have all if it never produces the seeds.

Well it’ll continue to rise and so then there’s another balance that needs to take place and this is part of the challenge in this new industry is that with hemp legislation production legislation we have limitations of THC.

And what’s interesting is like there is a relationship between THC and CBD and even though these varieties are bred. CBD production it’s such a new industry that they really haven’t bred out all of the THC production out of these cannabis varieties. So you have to be very careful that it’ll peak.

What Is CBD?

What Is CBD?

Yeah I think we’ve got a couple of restaurants we have Woodbury kitchen down in Baltimore they use it for bread service where people are dairy free and they don’t want to have butter for their bread. They basically put it out on a plate and make a really nice kind of presentation with a because it’s brilliant it’s freed and viable.

Yeah it is. It is people who are listening if you’d never seen it or tried it do yourself a favor and give it a try. And I also want to make sure people that are listening that are new to CBD and him know that we’re talking about right now hemp seed oil because Josh happens to be a producer of not just CBD oil CBD products but hemp seed oil as well and I think you know it’s really quite unique what you do because most a lot of brands who make a CBD oil they have to use a cure or oil that they typically are not producing themselves but you actually produce your own career oil correct.

That’s right. It’s very important to our model. You know we’re trying to really source local crops and provide that local crop to local populations. So it’s very I don’t think we would be doing CBD currently if we weren’t able to produce the majority of the CBD carrier oil in house.

The Right Type Of CBD Company

Honestly it really wouldn’t fit kind of our are our goals and outlook as a company. So yeah one of our goals is you know from the get go was to bring cannabis oil into that same sort of model where we have the carrier oil is sourced locally produced locally and then our CBD is also produced right here in the Susquehanna Valley. And I’m very proud of that fact because I don’t believe any other CBD company can offer that sort of in-house vertically integrated sort of model. And that’s really what we’re about is is building agriculture from the farmer level up and I think as long as we can convey that concept to our potential customers they’ll agree with that and be happy to be a part of that moving forward.

Yeah yeah. So have you had most people you say most the customers are local Pennsylvanians or do you have a lot of people ordering online.

We do have a pretty good online presence for oils and you know had a little bit of challenge with credit cards lately.
I think a lot of what have you.

Good Online CBD Suppliers

Yeah yeah we’re we’re struggling we had a Susquehanna hemp co was up and we we lost our our credit card processor actually lost two of them really quickly. So we’re in the midst of trying to revamp that right now.

But yeah well we ship oil all over the country currently are our edible oils or our salad oil canola oil sunflower oil all that jazz and a lot of those customers see that we have other oils and they buy those as well.

But you know basically from a you know a network of distribution we’re not really. I know this sounds un-American really to not try to conquer the world but I really I really feel like agriculture should be a regional local sort of choice for people and I’m not interested in having that national brand.

I’m really interested in having a very specific regional option for people who need or want to use CBD as well as other food oils.
Yeah and that’s great and that’s what we’re doing at my my dad’s store he’s selling on did very well to the fact that you know they’re getting a Pennsylvania wholly Pennsylvania made CBD hemp product.

Yeah that partnership has been going going very well. I’m actually excited he and I have a meeting tomorrow. I’m kind of excited to see how he talks about you know how that store is progressing and I guess he’s he’s doing well and and looking to add a couple other stores here in the near future.

One unique product that we have all been raving about is the combustion the CBD college.

Sure. Yeah. I’m actually having some right now for breakfast Believe it or not I do.

If I had some here I’d be having it as well so tell us the story of that. That was some local farmers near you that decided to make that with your half correct.

Yeah. Yeah we. I’m pretty active. We’ve got a couple of really great farmer’s markets here in our area and I’m a board member of both of them. And as I was last fall we had a new vendor come in want to sell come Burchill Well that’s the kind of thing you see come and go there’s all kinds of people that want to start off and then they realize how hard it is to to build a brand. And they kind of quit. About halfway through so at our market I think we’ve had four or five people that have tried to really push garbage as a business model and have failed at it. Well this is a young couple that decided they wanted to make make a living from their own land and started making gumboots. And they were making. I mean beyond the hemp I mean they had some great wonderful combos. Not too sweet not too sugary. You know just just this this wonderful sort of approach it more the healthful end of Caboolture. But just enough balance of wonderful flavor that really made a great thing. Well the first day that they came to our our market the woman that runs the operation Katie comes up to me and she just be lines right for me. She said you’re the hemp guy. And I said well I kind of am but what can I do for you. So she threw this at me. This is a dream of hers is to produce a hemp Cambodia and ideally it was just using hemp tea. That was her ideas to make this hemp tea that would kind of transcend into this. You know this opportunity because right now everything hemp is is pretty hot and they knew that there was an opportunity there to make a make a really good product.

What Is CBD And What Can It Do For You?

So initially we went out into a hemp field of think it was a dual purpose variety that I had gotten from Valley bio in Ontario. So it was oil seed variety but we cut it before the oil seed had actually formed and they took that the stocks dried the product down created a biomass made a t out of it out of the biomass and then they had to add a play with the Scobey.

That’s that’s used to make the combo chip to really find a balance that worked for it but they made a really really lovely effervescence lights. But definitely happy sort of come Boucher. That’s kind of where it started. That was prior to us having our own CBD biomass available. So they came back to me this winter and said well hey we really want to make we want to try this CBD biomass and see if that makes a really good beverage.

And we’ve been struggling with like trying to get it to stabilize for more commercial use but the flavor is absolutely outstanding if you like the flavor of of hemp hemp seeds or hemp biomass or whatever if you like that flavor. This stuff is absolutely perfectly captured the essence of hemp.

What Is The Best CBD Oil In The UK?

What Is The Best CBD Oil UK?

We supply cooking oil to John Hopkins University Princeton University of Pennsylvania Loyola back now like combing Elmira College. There’s a there’s more I can’t thank them all right now. But we found a pretty nice niche with supplying a locally sourced high quality canola frying oil to to these folks and that’s kind of what we built are our model upon here.

What is canola so canola is a low risk acid rapeseed so people have always heard it though rapeseed it’s an industrial blah blah blah. Well 40 years ago people started breeding canola to have lower levels of your basic acid Jurassic acid is what makes mustard bitter which gives it that bite that taste that everybody is going for but you certainly don’t want to consume a huge amount of that. So just like the cannabis industry has bred cannabis to be either high CBD oil or high THC levels or better for fiber or better for grain. You know same thing happened in agriculture for canola where people started to isolate varietals of canola that had lower levels of this risk acid that made it more palatable both to people and to animals and really has developed a very very nice genetic that you know not through genetic manipulation but through selective breeding have isolated some varieties that have done very very well for us here in Pennsylvania that has produced a very very high quality cooking oil that people have really responded well to.

High CBD Not High THC

So is it’s interesting that people are using it mostly for cooking and frying food. Do you mean that kind a deep fryer.
Yeah mostly I mean colleges. I mean you know we’ve all been to college. What do you eat the most.
French fries and nuggets you know that’s what it is. Chicken fingers.

So when I was thinking about. Yeah. So you’ve got a lot of and you have to feed a lot of kids on a budget.
So it’s a very affordable way to cook a large amount of food fast so as much as we all kind of want to steer away from fried food. It’s a major part of feeding students on campuses as is frying. So it’s interesting that this whole farm to table know non gmo movement which by the way wasn’t cool when we started.

It’s cool now.

So we were kinda incidentally ahead of the curve not knowing it but we were able to kind of be in the right position when the move towards sourcing local really improving sustainability for these universities and these colleges we were right there. So it’s really been a really great opportunity for us to kind of build our business around what we’re very proud of which has been very very satisfactory.

OK. YEAH. SO THAT’S IT. YOU SAID ABOUT SEVEN YEARS AGO AND OUR FARM. YEAH. YOU’RE farming. OK. And what point did you get into CBD.

The Best CBD Oil UK

Well so initially I was farming a piece of ground up north of me and the landowner sun came out the one day and I knew him.
He’s he’s been local. I’ve known him for a while. He comes up and he says hey you know what you grow hemp up here and I said Well I don’t know.

I said Well first of all it’s legal and it’s profitable. Sure I’ll give it a shot.

CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety

Cracked and we source all of our have from the Netherlands. The reason for that we were working on our domestic supply chain we’re doing Koro research at the University of Kentucky Lexington Kent State Murray State among a few others and we would love. To have that domestic supply chain the currently most of the harm coming out of the United States is high CBD cloned plants where they’ve hybridized high CBD cannabis marijuana with industrial hemp and it allows them to get a lot more CBD in a very small area of land.

And it was totally necessary. The old laws the old federal laws governing have made it completely impossible for a farmer to turn a profit on normal agricultural hemp.

So until we were able to change that legislation in recently we really didn’t have access to the type of heirloom strains of hemp that we utilize in our products here in the United States.


Yes. Yes a lot of people don’t know how these intricacies kind of play out and that you know there’s a lot of different ways to make a quote hemp plant. You know because the definition is so well it’s not varying. The definition is kind of against nature. It’s a very manmade definition so there’s probably a million different plants that could be considered a hemp plant just because they meet the threshold of not having too much THC. So it’s very interesting to hear the way the plus CBD oil UK and CB scientists are handling done. I think I think it’s it’s the right way. And I appreciate that.

Oh I as well. I mean there was really one of the things that stuck out for me when I came to work for this company I believe that nature knew what she was doing and I do I believe CBD is amazing. I love it and I think that the research every day makes me excited. But it’s one of over a thousand molecules in agricultural botanical hemp. And just because we’re not studying the other nine hundred and ninety nine doesn’t mean that they’re not equally as important in their own right.

CBD Or Hemp Products

So I really do kind of believe in keeping it old school when it comes to plants.

Yes and I’m looking at some of the product offerings from plus CBD and what would you say for people who are new to CBD or hemp products. Where would someone want to get started. What would you recommend or what have you found people have have an easy time getting started with.

I always tell people to start low and build slow and sell that’s often going to be a liquid product. They tend to be a little bit lower dose and they give you a lot of control over kind of assessing how you respond to Fido can happen. It’s like CBT we are all very different. Every one of our blueprints for Fido cannabinoid needs will be completely different so it’s not based on your condition. It’s not based on your severity of your issue. It’s not your way. It’s not your level of pain. So really if we want to experience everything we can out of CBT the best option we have to give ourselves is to do what we call tight trading. Say start with one to three MG your first day and then you slowly increase daily by a couple milligrams until you start to notice improvements. And we also tell people to understand that what we see in the research is that often CBT works and are very tri phase way where people will experience different things at a low a medium and a high dose. But what we often also see is that each person has a point at which taking more will provide no additional benefit can give us lessening benefit. Or it could make our symptomology worse. So really. Why would you no one want to lose the opportunity to see what a CBT product could do for you. And number two why do you want to give me more of your money than you have to.

That’s what I was going to say. Why do you want. Yeah. What’s the point. I appreciate you saying that because you know a lot of people would think she’ll just you know want to tell us to buy as much as possible. But you’re doing the counterintuitive and I respect that. So I’d like to have you repeat something though because so many of the listeners of the podcast of the CBT school YouTube channel and the visitors to our blog they want to know where to start. So I know you had said it but I’ll just ask you to repeat yourself please. You said they can start with a low dose and then look what would generally be or what is an example of that.

Which CBD Oil For Anxiety?

So if you are a sensitive responder to things if you’re somebody who normally can only drink half a cup of coffee you take half a dose of Benadryl you’re a sensitive person. Start without one milligram if you tend to be more along the normal responding lines to things. is probably a good place to start. And every day you would just increase by a few milligrams. Paying attention to the areas you tend to struggle and the moment that you find your sweet spot will mean something completely different to each person. It could be that you’ll find your sleeping better. It could be that you find as a parent you’re more present with your children. You could find that your gut health is more balance that your digesting food more effectively. It could be that you’re not having as big of a stress response and Monday morning traffic. We see all of these range of benefits and what people experience. But we tell people to if you just are able to ease into it and slowly increase how much you’re taking you’ll really be able to see the range of what CBT can do for you.

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