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CBD Oil For Pain

CBD Oil For Pain

All right. And we are back in class. This is the theme the CBD professor from CBB school dot com. Your school to learn all about cannabis.

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What Can CBD Do For You?

Of today’s episode of the CPD school podcast I am delighted to be joined by Maggie Frank who is an educator at CV sciences. The proud makers of plus CBD oil which is a product every one of you have probably seen on the shelves at shows and anywhere else. Good CBD oil is sold. So Maggie welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate being here.

Yes this is great. So you are an educator. Tell us what that means what’s that all about.

CV sciences I get the awesome privilege of traveling around the country and educating people about CBD about the sources that comes from the cannabis family.

CBD And The Cannabinoid System

Our products are proudly made out of hemp. I also get to educate and often introduce people to the system that CBD nourishes the end of cannabinoid system and talk to them about the importance of bringing him back to the United States not only the benefit we see to our human health but also the benefit hemp gives us to our environment. So I’m really honored to ticket to spread that message.

You know I could not have said that more beautiful you that was very polished and it sounds like you have said that many times and I actually have dirt in my hands because I just got back from planting my family’s first hemp crop.

So I just got chills. That’s so exciting. How fun.

Yeah yeah. So we I just got back to the states. My dad is handling that side of the business and we’re planting it in. I’m in Pennsylvania and hemp has not been grown here for proof. I don’t know. Since the early s probably but back then it was growing a lot. Here there’s even some cities there’s old towns like Hempstead or that are named after him. But of course once prohibition came around it stopped being grown here but it is really cool. And where are you now. I think we were talking a little bit before but just so the listeners know where you’re calling in from.

We’re based our family is based in Jeffersonville Indiana which is the throne a stone’s throw from Louisville Kentucky.

Oh yes. I’ve been to Kentucky once and of course everybody knows that is a very strong hemp and CBD State and Indiana stands out a lot too because I remember Indiana was the first state to require the QR codes on the labels and CV sciences has been a big part of that and a big player in Indiana stores. So that’s very cool.

It is really it is a neat kind of connection to everything that I’m doing professionally. And you’re right this part of the country we actually sell plus CBD oil UK. Last year we sold more CBT in the state of Indiana than we did in California.

I am proof that is well first of all congratulations and I’m not surprised. Would you say that people in Indiana and I guess that’s the Midwest right.

Yeah it’s interesting. They call Indiana the Midwest that if you go over and Kentucky they call it the South yes so it’s a really we’re kind of on this line where they call where I’m at Kentucky Anna because has are making routes through Louisville and there’s a lot of connection to that part for us. So I kind of feel like I have a foot in each part and get the best of all of it.

Which CBD Oil For Pain?

Yeah. Would you say the CBD is really popular there because people are looking for something you know they’re looking for the benefits of the cannabis plant but not really interested in the recreational marijuana side is that kind of the vibe.

I think that that’s one of the reasons. I also think that the people who would embrace high THC cannabis have access issues here and hemp drives CBD oil for anxiety gives them an option to take care of their endo cannabinoid system. It’s a very conservative often very religious part of the country and there is still a lot of propagandized fear surrounding THC. So to touch on your point yeah the Midwest and the south they do. They tend to gravitate towards this because it’s kind of the decaf to marijuana as caffeinated coffee.

Yeah yeah that’s that’s a good way to put it. And well I mean it’s so cool that you’re in the in the middle of it and for the listeners that don’t know where is C.V. science his base the main headquarters our main headquarters are out of San Diego California. OK and where is the hemp from. I it’s from overseas right.

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil For You

Yeah. It’s interesting that it’s about the term means because that was a lot of cannabis studies have been done on THC. It’s a THC CBD combo that’s made in England. That’s a pharmaceutical version of the plant oil. It’s a pharma made plant product. It’s weird it’s not common at all. It’s called sound effects but they’ve studied it for M.S. and people with M.S. can sometimes get a script for it but I think what you said to add to what you said is that it’s great that it can come from your field from your team to this person without a script without a doctor without all that insurance stuff. You know people can just have access to these products. It’s not a big obstacle anymore to access the benefits of these products for people that it can help. Sure. If and it comes from the field that’s what’s you know that’s the whole connection there of it being you growing that and extracting the whole product bottling in everything and that seems like that was your goal from the beginning was to be fully focused operation from field to table or field to a bottle or however you want to say it to be able to get people this additional supplement that they need that’s grown from their neighbors their neighbors can grow it in their fields which is is pretty exciting right. Yes I have an opportunity to pull that together and Josh’s fields are in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania some of the best hiking that in the world. That’s where I started to hike I guess the most famous trail that’s deer you is that that loyal sock trail.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. The loyal sock trail actually. Yep. It’s I think part of it crosses just above 6 6 miles north of my home actually.
Yeah. Well anywhere near the river the levels you’re near the little stock river right. Yeah. I currently live on the loyal side. Yeah yeah. That’s great. So have you ever. I’m assuming this isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania because we’re kind of shrewd people and careful is that you’ve not had any issues with people like curious hooligans trying to get into the hemp fields.

CBD Without THC

No. The first year we put signs up that said put our research permit no department of bag. This is industrial hemp. This does not contain THC. We were really kind of worried about that initially we put signs up the first year we were in a in a very very rural very dominated by Mennonites and Amish. In that realm we had zero problems. None. No one messed with it. They looked at it everybody slowed down it was right on a hard road so people were driving by it often and probably probably the signs brought more attention to it than what the plant itself would have to think.

The signs would actually bring more Well the signs advertise that there’s no THC which is good but they definitely bring attention right. Find the best CBD vape juice UK.

The CBD Production Process

And you know kids are going to. People are going to be what people are and of course they’re still going to try to steal some but we don’t really have any issue at all in that that first year in production the second year we got a little guts here. Like I on that particular farm we upped our acreage as we did about twenty five acres on that farm in 2018 and then I farmed a couple that was an organic farm is where we first started with I’m a conventional farmer so my ground hasn’t been certified as organic yet so I grew 14 acres and part of it was actually on a major traveled route route eighty seven which basically goes from Williamsport all the way up to New York and I write on the side of the road. It was we grow right there I didn’t put a sign up or anything and we really didn’t have any major issues until later on. We had a couple of teenagers kind of standing in there wide eyed thinking they they won the lottery or something but for the most part you know it’s not marijuana and people who know what marijuana looks like field hemp is not going to look like marijuana it’s not going to be produced in the same way.
So I don’t really see that as a major problem in the future. I do see a problem with CBD production and people that are involved in illegal marijuana production because it does look the same. It’s grown the same it smells the same it probably is the same.
I mean I got it out my prop it’s on the patio right now.

The Best CBD Vape Oil

So I explain that it’s not that some of it is right now this year some of our acres are are also on pretty close to main roads of our CBD production so that’s grown typically on plastic with irrigation like 6 4 5 6 foot on center in rows and it grows it actually starts looking like Christmas trees before too awful long. Some of our are some of our plants or is as big as 3 feet now. Where can you buy CBD oil?
And yeah yeah I have I have the I have 6 foot stakes in them and they’re almost the you know they’re getting to 4.5 feet. Yeah.
Wow. Wow. That’s crazy. So I do anticipate potentially some problems this year with that and I had some friends in New York last year that did have some issues. They had a couple of plants that they had just put them in a compost pile to see how big they got and I guess they got enormous like 10 12 feet high full of buds and they were going to harvest them the next day. They came in to work and they were gone. Someone had taken them and I hate.

Sometimes what people do but that’s the reality.

But the reality is like if you were in the business of selling illegal marijuana this is one way that you could double the weight of you.

Oh yeah. Oh yes people do. I don’t want to give people ideas but that is what happens.

Yeah. Yeah. So I think there needs to be some due diligence in production of where this stuff is that so. Like for instance here where my shop is that like we’ve got a local police officer over here. Well there’s two officers in this in this office it’s right across the road here. I brought them both over like right off right when we got started. I said hey here’s my permit. Here’s what we’re doing. I just want you guys to be completely aware of what’s happening in case you happen to see something a little shady happening like somebody try to break into my building or something.

Is that something you would recommend to any of the listeners who are also hemp growers to do that something like that.
Absolutely. Like just notify you know law enforcement should. Be notified through the Department of Ag but you know with it going through all the make that connection honor you have to do it yourself and your due diligence. Let people know what’s going on and just be transparent with that to a certain degree with the police. Yeah. Yeah. It just makes your life a lot better if you’re permitted and you’re doing everything right. There’s no reason whatsoever to be concerned about police so you might as well just right upfront say hey this is what’s going on. And I’ve found that they respond very very positively to that. They you know so interesting to think that through. But yeah I don’t think things need to be guarded or fenced in or anything like that. But I think some education needs to take place and what crops are what. And you know you need to keep an eye on things for sure and CBT production is. It needs attention. It’s not a crop that you just planted and come back in three months and there it is. You do need to pay attention to it it needs water to needs looked after it needs to be you know you’ve got to keep an eye out for in case a male did happen to get into your field if you have a male plant that even feminized seed has the chance of one in Brazilian being a male plant or if maybe seeds came from a not a great source like if plants came from a breeder that really doesn’t know what they’re doing yet there’s a potential of having more male seeds. I’ve heard these stories of people buying thousands of dollars of seeds and the current market for high CBD seeds is like a dollar fifty a seed it’s it’s outrageous. So imagine if you buy ten thousand dollars with the seeds and you plant them in your field and you find out like halfway down the road that 50 percent of them are males. That’s a bad situation. There’s all kinds of issues and things to be considering. So like I think when people are talking about paying attention to their crop they need to be walking these fields every day and he’d be making sure these plants are doing well. There’s enough money in CBD production right now. I think it merits that sort of that attention.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits

It’s warm and cooling so that uses peppermint and cayenne pepper in there which is I can’t say that we sell more one than the other. It just amazes me how fast we have to make those. So there are a very interesting way you don’t have to have the lotion. It’s it’s in like a little tiny. It’s like you Geoff’s Chapstick tube looking thing which is very convenient very clean easy to use. People really have responded quite well to the packaging which is kind of nice on the. So it’s a semi a solid sort of product that comes out it has a 100 milligrams of CBD per ounce which is not the same as hemp oil.

So it’s a fairly large amount of CBD in each stick. So you can really really feel the reaction to the CBD and that’s used if you have like a very specific need like a knee like you get a achy knee or arthritic hands and you want to like get get additional CBD to a specific location.

Get Additional CBD

Other than taking the tincture on a daily so it’s worked out very very well for a lot of people which has been very satisfactory to us. You know we just we don’t just want to make stuff to make money. We want to make stuff that really helps people which is just if you take your focus off the money and you focus on helping people it just makes your whole your reason for doing what you do that much more valid.

I agree with that. I like the. It really makes it easier to use the product to choose what I like about it because you know you get any kind of bomb even like I’m a big fan of the badger bomb. I use that extensively with my feet when I’m. I just got back from a backpacking trip where I was using that.

But the you know you get it all of your fingers and you have to them rub it off but with these sticks you just apply it and your fingers stay dry and nothing gets on them and you just you just using it on the area where you need it. So I think that’s the reason why you’re selling out of them is because people people like to use that. It’s easy to use anything you can make easier to use is better for people and the lotion I think is going to be I’m very excited for that. That’s really cool because the lotion talk about the mid Atlantic right for lotion consumers during the winter and you know I’m using this stuff all winter to stay moisturize but adding the hemp because the hemp national properties. Did you say you’re going to do that with hemp seed oil and CBD or just with hemp seed oil the moisturizer.

CBD Components

Oh it’ll be have seed oil as a major component of that. In addition to the CBD component and also we’re using our sunflower oil in that as well which sunflowers got a higher level of a mega three and a mega nine which adds to shelf stability and also really helps with your skin.

So it’s more permeable in your skin so you aren’t going to get a greasy sort of some of these lotions are very greasy and people don’t like that they want it to be absorbed and do what it’s supposed to do and then you know that’s it. They don’t need to have it slimy and all of that.

Oh yes. You want it to absorb as soon as it can. So you’re saying something has more omega 3 than have seed oil.

No no no. A sunflower has more omega 6 and 9 which makes it more stable. So there there’s a bit of a balance like we want to make a shelf stable product without adding a bunch without adding any additional kind of preservatives to it. We want to try to make it with what nature gives us. So too much hemp seed oil might be prone if they don’t use it fast enough might be prone to some oxidation. I don’t know that it’s anything dangerous but obviously we’re looking at making the best possible thing we can.
So we’ve found that blending some of our oils together yields a better result in the end here especially for the lotion you know the lotion the sounds you know the soaps all I mean to basically have a a mixture of several different oils to get the end result that really makes it a great product.

Yes yes the blending is it seems to be used in industry wide but by different manufacturers to get the right end product the consistency right. Mm hmm. But hemp it’s just phenomenal and all these products because and the CBD I love how it combines the properties of hemp. It confuses people a lot because they’re constantly confusing CBD for him but it’s really one plant it’s a hemp cannabis plant and it’s producing all these great properties and it happens to be useful in a blend and as well as on its own and all these different products.

CBD Oil Benefits For You

A lot of people don’t understand the difference and you have to kind of educate them on terms of like the hemp seed oil. While it does have small trace amounts of CBD some say it’s never yes super small we. We actually had our eyes tested just to see if there was a quantifiable amount that that could be counted as as part of our tincture and it was interesting. It was it’s like a Point Seven milligrams per milliliter like very small percentage. So our standard tinctures is 40 milligrams of CBD per milliliter but you know point seven of that comes from our hemp seed oil which was kind of neat to find. I mean most people wouldn’t have thought to test it to begin with. But we just thought why not send it off get some analysis done in and see if there’s something there that is reasonable to include and let people know there is some there. So you’ve been in your salad dressing like you’re using are culinary hemp seed oil you are getting a lot of those benefits. Not as strong not as as potent as our CBD tinctures and whatnot but you’re getting all the other insularity benefits of the hemp plants and hemp seed oil has all of those bits in it. So yeah. Read on to find out where you can find the best CBD vape oil UK.

So how much is it. Josh what percentage when you tested it. It’s fascinating that you did that by the way. Am actually I thought it was extremely small. Like not so small it wasn’t significant and in commercial products like a whole foods that people buy.
Yeah yeah. Probably it’s it’s probably not worth. I just thought it was interesting that it contained some point seven MG was what it was and I could confirm that eight point seven milligrams in the what.

And how much in the hemp seed oil third Mila leader I believe it was the point seven milligrams per milliliter.

Oh that’s not small. I mean because in a milliliter there is a lot of milliliters in a typical bottle. People would buy like they’d buy it by 16 ounce bottle right.

Yeah yeah. That’s a lot. Hold on I say point 0 7 0. I had I had a. All right point 0 7 milligrams per milliliter. Zac correct. Yeah. And it’s only CBD a it’s not CBO right. Because it’s not carved right because its price point 0 7 0 8 0 7 grams per milliliter of CBD a because it hasn’t been heated enough to discard box plate.

Yeah. Yes. How many milliliters are in a. I just love figuring this stuff out in 16 ounces. Well it’s 750 Mila. Oh believe me I’ve been under 50 milliliters they take 750 milliliters times points 0 7. Are you doing the math. Yeah. Fifty two milligrams of CVD in the whole bottle. So not a bad amount actually. Well so if you could if you could figure out how you consume one bottle a day.

That would probably be a pretty good dosage of CBD but a lot of oil a whole lot of oil.

Yeah I think you’d be leaving a lot of that in the toilet.

I believe so. I don’t think our bodies can consume that much knowing if at any given point you say you sell the 750 milliliter bottles.

That’s correct. Yep. That’s a big bottle. All right. That’s a pretty big bottle.

Is Canabis Oil The Same As Hemp Oil?

Can Canabis Oil Be Effective?

Yeah we saw that as an opportunity early on and a necessity to try to be able to source good quality genetics and be able to you know especially for my own growers or we’ve actually provided clones and and feminized seed starts to more than just my own permitted growers. We’ve got several people that we’re helping out a couple of universities as well. So we were able to like setup two separate cloning operations. We have a we have a greenhouse operation which is much bigger and then I have a small indoor propagation area here at my mill currently. And we’ve been able to produce all of the seedlings and clones that we’ve needed for probably close to 20 acres here this year in a very short period of time.

I mean obviously there’s not books out there that tell you how to grow CBD but we have a pretty proud of our team our team has really picked it up and learned a lot. I’ve had to make an efficient production system to produce these seedlings that need to go get transplanted out into the field for production.

The Best CBD Oils

That’s great. It’s great. It seems like you guys are really dipping into all the different aspects of the space and there are so many. Sure. Yeah yeah that’s that’s great. So I think a lot of people are curious too is I get a lot of questions on the basic differences between the hemp seed oil and a CBD oil and I think people understand those but where does the protein.

Because I know you guys also make there’s a protein powder right that you make from him as well as the hemp seed oil just the seed oil. But people can purchase from you but what is that. Where’s the protein. How was that made.

All right. So it’s made a couple of different ways. What we have here in our bill is we have like I said German made expel or mills. So that’s a very low temperature physical process to remove the oil from the oil seed once promising them.

Yeah. Yeah. Crush them right.

Yeah. Yeah. Well they call it an X feller which is essentially you’re using pressure and friction that’s created by that pressure to do the work of pulling the oil from the oil seed. So it’s a completely mechanical process. And what you’re left with once the oil is out is that you now have the remaining portion of the seed and the hole that doesn’t have the oil.

So then once the oil has been removed then it can be further processed into a flower or a well hemp protein. So it makes it very very nice. It’s about thirty five 33 percent protein component. It’s delicious. It’s nutty It’s flavorful. A lot of those guys that are out there that are are there’s a lot of us people that are looking for gluten free options. They really are attracted to the hemp protein sort of concept in cooking or we’ve got we have another product now that’s a lot of people are using in their smoothies adding it to their breakfast routine where they’re creating their energy drink or after work out recovery sort of thing. So it’s an exciting area right there in this in this protein powder. So what we did is we weren’t really tooled up to to mill it further in the mill here. So our expel our mills create like a little pellet that is basically the leftover seed haul and then we’ve partnered with a group down in Halifax P.A. a flour mill that was able to take that and then millet to something that would be similar to a flour that could be used in bakeries and baked goods and kitchen applications or obviously blends up very very well in a like a protein shakes or thing. And so we partnered up with them. They were able they had the food grade the mills the the stone mill the bagging operation and we use them to help us get to that point. And we produced about 10000 pounds of flour this year and it was it was just interesting to see all of these other businesses these other value added further processing businesses really latch on to wanting to use hemp flour. So we were able to find these other groups and make that product available to them and then that will be you know further on down the line.

It’s just moving the whole hemp industry further by developing more products.

Yeah I’m curious with that baking the flour hemp flour I think a lot of people want to know with hemp flour you can bake it and get it to high temperatures like heat wise but hemp seed oil you don’t want to do that right. You don’t cook with it you don’t fry with it.

Yeah. So hemp seed oil has a really good level of a mega three which is a super healthy oil for humans and for your health. The problem with a mega three is it’s fairly unstable. It’s a very unsaturated fats and that makes it prone to oxidation.
So yeah any time that you have an elevated temperature for a period of time or even light for actually beat him with the amount of chlorophyll that’s in it is it somewhat prone to photo oxidation as well. So you have to be kind of careful about the temperatures that you use hemp seed oil. But we’ve you know we’ve had good results several bakeries have really kind of latched on to that the hemp protein and made breads we have a company in Lancaster that’s making a soft pretzel line which is I think they have it in a couple of major supermarket chains. It’s delicious absolutely delicious. I don’t know what the inclusion of the hemp protein is in their mix I would think it’s probably minor because it doesn’t it doesn’t have any gluten. So you know for those of us that enjoy gluten and really good bread it’s not going to make really good bread for us. I mean those folks that are really going for gluten free options and they’ve figured out how to make bread like products without gluten you know it’s going to it’s going to be a nice addition to what they have to be able to make things out of. But yeah I see I see a great potential there including this product in in other things we actually also use the hemp protein. We have a soap line. We have liquid soap line and a bar soap line and we add it into the bar so as kind of like not like pumice but like just a little bit of an abrasion portion in there makes a really good scrub.

Finding The Right Canabis Oil

I love that stuff. I use it. It’s great. So that’s what I mean.

And it gets really really latched on to that. So we’ve got. I mean I’d never thought in a million years that we would be selling that much bar soap. But it’s it’s been really quite nice.

So the hemp seed oil. What are some good uses of it for people. I personally put it on salad and I also just will just eat a spoonful of it. But I think it’s delicious on a lot of places where you would have used olive oil just not just for cooking.

An Overview Of CBD Vapes

The Best CBD Vape For You

And they’re so resilient. I mean they don’t really have any issue like other plants have grown. I’ve grown everything from tomatoes all kinds of vegetables mostly but they always have some weird thing that you can either ignore or resolve if you want to have a better quality fruit. But these have no problems. They’re just perfectly green and very resilient plants jaw.
They grow sometimes up to like you can watch them in a day. So before we get into the specifics of your farming I like to tell people about your background how did you go from being born and born and raised P.A. into being one of the actually the first Josh was the first ham farmer NPA. Is that right.

Legally Grown Hemp

Well we were the first permitted person to legally plant hemp in Pennsylvania. In 2017 you know is it. The opportunity came in front of us. I felt that there was something to be said about being first into the game. So that’s what our mission was. So yeah when our permits first came out there was 13 permitted growers in Pennsylvania. And I sent one of my guys down to Harrisburg to pick up the seed it all had to come through the Department of State Department of Ag originally and I sent a guy down there the moment the stuff showed up. He rushed it back up here and we got it planted in the ground first. So we did a Facebook live feed of that action which was you know if you’re not first you’re last so we figured we’d better go for it right.
Yeah yeah. So where is your farm or your word.

Well we you farm well so we’re we’re essentially located in like Coleman County and I I rent quite a bit of ground around here mostly and like combing County but this particular year I partnered up with a bunch of other growers that are a little further out. We’ve got some guys in Union County a couple of guys in Columbia County specifically vegetable produce growers and a couple of tobacco growers that we’re working with this year for our CBD production just because that’s the only experience we had to draw from in Pennsylvania. So I felt that it was a good move for us and our organization to try to like partner up with people that have you know just a better shot at making this a very successful crop for us. But my personal farms we farm about 250 acres right here within you know within an hour of of our central location and this is farms you can do before CBD in half right. Yeah we started farming about seven years ago I guess to preload this. We’re an oil seed manufacturer Susquehanna Mills has been in business for about 14 years and we make canola and sunflower and soybean and any other CBD oil seeds that we could potentially grow here in the mid-Atlantic region.

Locally Grown CBD Oil

We process those through some German made speller mills and produce really high quality farm to table. Locally grown oil seed crops that are turned into edible culinary oils. So where this began and for us for farming is I started a business without knowing anything about agriculture or not knowing enough you know I knew something but I didn’t know what I needed to know. And you really can’t. Buffalo a farmer you know farmers have seen it all come down the path here in front of them. So I felt that for us to be a really good resource for our contracted growers of canola and sunflowers. I should probably figure out how to do it the best that it can be done. So that’s why we started to farm originally and and as a young farmer it’s kind of hard.
You have to take some substandard pieces of land because all of the really good pieces of land are usually already farmed by other older farmers that have been in the business for a little while. So that’s why we started farming originally used to be a better resource for our growers that are growing our canola and sunflower.

The Best CBD Vape On The Market

Where can you find the best CBD oil UK? So we’ve been farming for about seven years and we’ve kind of do do the most have canola on some farm which product is your is your main thing.

Well sure. Most most is is canola. We make a lot of frying and salad oil that’s used in a lot of universities here in the mid-Atlantic.

Buying CBD Oil In The UK


So the European model you know is kind of latching onto all of the opportunities at the same time which is pretty cool. I think that’s a pretty interesting sort of way. So it’ll be interesting to see this thing develop and I guess my advice to everybody is just kind of keep your eyes open and keep an eyeball on what’s happening because it’s really going to it’s going to be ever changing new opportunities are going to present themselves some opportunities are going to go away. I’m hoping that it can change the dynamics in agriculture for farmers and really benefit our region our country internally.

Yes absolutely. Absolutely. And it might. Right. And it might be that euro CBD model that takes off on a large scale that it might prove to be better. Sure. But time will tell and I think the Kraft growers like yourselves will also always have you know the place making a truly original product. Sure. Yep.

The State Of The CBD Industry Today

So thanks again. Josh thank you for all the listeners who tuned in today check out Susquehanna Mills. Oh wait we got to tell people why is it called that can’t end the show without telling people why is it called such a weird name. Probably to anyone that’s not from P.A. that is a very weird looking word. So what is that what does it mean.

Well it says you know Hannah it will Susquehanna is a river a major river that goes for New York all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. And when we form this company 15 years ago I’m thinking OK that’s regional. And we used to struggle with it we used to struggle every time I call it any place other than here or even sometimes here people couldn’t spell Susquehanna. And you know maybe that’s what makes it memorable is that it’s such a bizarre strange name but like it’s for me it’s it’s really about this region. And I don’t really care for it to be easy for people. I think it’s important to kind of tie it to where we are and that identity of our oh yeah it’s a beautiful river. It’s an enormous watershed. It’s it’s a huge I think it is.

And Savannah is it one mile across and some six sections.

Oh yes. You get further down it’s it’s a big river. I mean it’s I mean I don’t think it’s big it’s like the Mississippi but it’s certainly I know certainly it.

Hemp Or CBD?

I think it’s one mile across in certain sections.

Yeah. It gets it gets pretty big it’s a major watershed. And you know so that’s kind of why we chose this name and and obviously when we started Susquehanna mills we weren’t looking to get as far. We basically service a region that’s about you know for our travel circle around us which include you know New Jersey Baltimore Washington D.C. New York Philly Pittsburgh you know we’re in a pretty interesting area to be within reasonable driving and delivery distance to all of these major metropolitan areas which kind of gives us a unique opportunity to service a big area but still be in the middle of rural Pennsylvania where we’ve got farms and tractors go and down the road. And it’s very interesting you know.

Absolutely. And it is just for people to know that mighty Susquehanna is four hundred forty four miles long through Pennsylvania and it is one mile wide and it’s some of its widest sections near our capital Harrisburg and it’s much nicer than Harrisburg.

So visit Susquehanna River instead of here. If you’re ever in Pennsylvania.

Right my in my opinion I like to vote it. It’s super nice.

It is a beautiful river so Susquehanna Mills dot com is the Web site for Joshua’s oil company. That’s the non CBD non hemp stuff. And then the other company’s web website is Susquehanna hemp co dot com and that’s all going to be in the show notes so don’t worry about remembering that you just click on the links in the show notes below. Josh thank you for being here stay on after the show I’d like to talk to you some more. And thanks for having me. Thanks for having a grip. Great to talk with you. We’ll have you on again because you are just a well of information. I know the listeners are going to benefit from this and future episodes.

I’m all about the weekly podcast. That would be thought. All right we’ll talk about that. Yeah. Thank you. All right. They have a great day everybody. All right everybody. Have a great day.

Which CBD Oil UK Is Best For Me

This episode of the CBD cool podcast is sponsored and brought to you by Susquehanna hemp company and says we’re going to have company there a little bit different than other brands out there they’re not offering a discount code. Instead they stand behind their product so much that they will guarantee it the product is guaranteed if you do not find that you are satisfied with their fine line of CBD products. If you don’t enjoy their tinctures topically or other hemp products you can return them for your full money back. Just email them to find out how to do that. If that ends up being the case but they are so sure that you are going to love the product that you’re going to be back for seconds. So that’s why they’re providing you 25 percent off now your first order but your second order when you will be back for seconds. Make sure to use the coupon code seconds to get that discount so you get a first bottle. It’s guaranteed if you don’t like it right them they’ll get your money back. If you love it come back for a second helping. Use that codeword seconds. That’s only for listeners of the CBD cool podcast exclusive to our lovely listeners. Use that code word as says. Hannah hemp Co. Dot com. I know you’re going to want to listen to how that’s spelled its s u s q u e h a n and a hemp co dot com.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice UK

So there’ll be a point where you have to be watching the cannabinoids in these plants where you have to keep your your plant under point three percent THC to become that really legal under the new farm bill. But you want to wait as long as you can because the longer you wait the higher the CBD content will go until that threshold is met. That’s when you need to harvest. And in other countries they have a much higher threshold of THC which enables them to get much much higher volumes of CBD in their varietals because they might could let them go to 1 percent or 5 percent of THC and you can extract the THC now and the end product. So I think that will develop as years go by here. They will raise they regulators will will raise that THC threshold to enable farmers to be able to produce because frankly that’s still not a drug. I mean no one would be taking that low THC content for medical reasons or recreational reasons that would be really really poor quality cannabis for those reasons. So I think that there is potential for that threshold changing in the near future trying to figure out what happens to the plant.
So we were discussing if the plant is a feminized version so it never goes to seed and the CBD is at its peak that’s when you want to harvest. Right. What happens if you don’t.

Would the CBD just kind of stay or would it also go away considered marijuana as soon as it became above the point three percent THC. So that’s whereas as a farmer if you have a significant investment in your crop you certainly don’t want your crop to go from a reasonable value per pound to worth nothing because no one will buy it because it’s out of spec it’s a little bit of a challenge they’re in production and that’s where a lot of these farmers this year are are going to be struggling with if they don’t have access to solid testing they could go beyond that threshold and then they could really have a really problem on their hands because if that gets below above a certain point the department that can actually have it ordered destroyed and everything. Yeah.

CBD Versus THC

So if it goes to a certain point the THC can get too hot. Right. That’s correct. Yep. Make it in time right.

If you don’t hear right they’ll actually issue you in order to destroy the crop because at that point you are no longer growing industrial hemp you’re growing in the line is so fine it is it’s very low it’s going to be very challenging and I have a fear that there are a lot of farmers that aren’t prepared for that balance of CBD to THC and are going to have some bad news at the end of the year because they’re going to have product that’s going to be out of spec it’s gonna be difficult to to merchandise that yeah.
You know central well of knowledge we could almost do one of these every week. But the thing I really want to ask you about from your experience is what do you think is going to happen with the potential extraction of THC from a whole field of hemp. Because as you know and I do it’s possible what’s going to happen with it. Well you could take. I mean look you can take. Okay do you know what Rick Simpson oil is. Yeah yeah absolutely. I use that stuff. I think it’s great. It can be a little strong but once your tolerance is up it it’s a really potent concentrated way to intake cannabinoids and you could make it from a field of hemp because you could take all that THC right that there is THC in there you can take it you could extract it. Right.

Yeah yeah. But it’s legalities is what it comes down to is this is we’re not licensed to produce that. So yeah right. So from a commercial standpoint like we do not want that. I mean yet can you possibly use it.

Sure but not in the commercial arena. That’s not a product that I can produce and sell well legally you can’t even produce it.
I think right. But I think there may be a hemp derived component that comes out it could. That could pass it as a we might see something like that. What I’m saying in the next few years.

Cannabinoids And What They Do

Hemp derived THC Well it kind of my my thought my anticipation of this industry is that regulators will increase the the level the limits of THC and then the lower. Yeah. OK. And in turn you’re going to see processors get almost more sophisticated in their extraction techniques and be able to remove the THC or be able to bring the THC below that threshold again. And you hear about this a lot of times where people that have jobs. Are you know that have random drug testing full spectrum CBD has trace amounts of THC in it. Yeah.

Well mind you amounts we just had a guy at the store who failed a drug test. I mean we told him that you know this is full spectrum stuff you could fail. He said I’m going to risk it. And he I mean this is what he told us. But you know he did fail a drug test because of it. So do we know if he was using other products. No. I mean we don’t really know this guy. But the thing is that yes full spectrum. You could. You know it’s got TCE in it you know. Yep that’s what it is. So it’s it’s a cannabinoid they they live together CBD and THC they’re roommates. So where one goes so does the other unless as you’re saying take that step to to remove it. And that stuff’s going to get more sophisticated. I agree with you.

I actually have a meeting tomorrow with a group a gentleman I’ve known for years while I’ve known his father for years here that he has an extraction facility in Oregon one in Vermont and our meeting tomorrow is to to expand our operation here in Pennsylvania.
And one of the things he has is I don’t know everyone has something proprietary but apparently he’s developed a way to more effectively remove the THC from and still kind of keep the full spectrum benefits of the CBD distill it but just remove that that one cannabinoid out of there which we hope that we will be able to have a THC free full spectrum product on the market in about a month from now. You can obviously get isolate but you know everybody has some mixed feelings about isolate isolate.
I don’t believe is as good for you as what a full spectrum tincture would be because there’s that entourage effect of all of the minor cannabinoids of the term beans. We’ve actually seen this as some of the people that we’ve been working with with it told me you told me it was the guy with the term penis right.

Which CBD Vape Juice UK Is Best For Me?

So we’ve got I read an article I don’t recall where it was from I think you and I talked about this where where there was a study done on people with M.S. and they found that there was two specific term beans that were more effective pain management in people with M.S. then both CBD and THC which was just phenomenal to me. So we have this one gentleman that’s actually incidentally one of my growers as well and interested in investing in further development of this industry. He’ll be at the meeting tomorrow as well. We made him a specific tincture that had an elevated amount of CBD and four times the inclusion of term beans and the last test that we had done I really wanted to isolate which Turpin is really really helping him. And we’ve kind of we’ve got him to a point now where we have custom designed a tincture that helps him manage 100 percent of the conditions that he’s affected with from M.S.. And he he still works a full week you know 50 hours a week. He said M.S. for about twenty six years I think he said he takes a zero pharmaceuticals to manage the pain and the condition of M.S. and he is 100 percent using CBD to manage that which is really amazing actually that we can grow something here in Pennsylvania that can help such a debilitating sort of disorder that be a lot so many people need to deal with.

Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil?

Hemp Oil

It really does it tastes like a really you can taste the trappings of the hemp so you have to like that. It’s not a flavor product which I want to talk to you about your own CBD tinctures but so this is definitely the computers for people that really like the flavor of cannabis and all its components and but it’s also she was going for I have tea because kombucha is made from tea I’ve made it before one time and I remember we made it from a black tea.

But I guess what happened was they they got the CBD in there well they they were they were able to do decoder box relations step with boiling the water to make the tea. So hopefully and of course we haven’t quantified it through testing yet because we really haven’t gotten the product exactly where we need it to be for sale. Still a prototype. Yeah it is a prototype but I mean everyone who’s had it. They are so overwhelmingly positive right. Yeah well positive but also they do feel the calming effects.
Oh yeah yeah it’s in there it’s in there. Right.

How Much CBD

But I’d like to figure out the precise amount of CBD. I mean that’s that’s kind of important this people are dosing or using CBD for specific things. I mean you need to know the milligrams of CBD and if it’s a beverage. Say it’s a 16 ounce bottle of Boucher wouldn’t it be great to know that there’s 20 milligrams of CBD in that bottle. So if you drink one there might be your dosage for the day or your dosage for the morning or whatever it ends up being. I think it’s critical to kind of get that quantified and I think there’s some legalities with beverages right now and you know the books being written on how this is all going to develop in in our food system I think.

So it’s it’s kind of an interesting thing.

Yeah. And forever I called it come Buka. But now I know it’s confusing.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with however you say it it’s good. Just call it that.

Great Hemp Makes A Great Product

So what’s your plans. What’s your what’s going next for you. I mean you’ve got so many products you’ve got. I just want to let people in know because I think most people listening. They haven’t tried your brand yet. Likely to haven’t seen it or come across it so Susquehanna hemp company they sell all types of products that you’ve got tinctures topical. Which come in a nice stick. You’ve got the seed oil the protein the flower the soap. Am I missing anything. Kombucha I think it’s not online though. But am I missing any other product that you have anything you wrote.

We have the liquid soaps and we also will deliver it so yeah we have a capsule so I think I’m saying that correct.

Castiel Yeah similar to like a Dr. Brenner’s base I guess.

Yeah yeah very very similar Yep. We’ve we actually started producing that early on one of our first oilseed crops. We started producing that soup. I had a soap maker come demands. They are interested in making it. I said Well great. Make me some too. So instead of reinventing the wheel I partnered up with those guys and now they’re producing and where it will sell quite a bit of that a lot of restaurants are using that in there in their bathrooms because if people are looking for local food products they’re even more impressed when they see local soap that’s in there in the restroom for washing hands which is kind of neat. We also are working on a couple of lotions currently. We’ve partnered up with a couple of chiropractor offices that do therapeutic massage or scraping which is another thing I think they do and they they’re looking for something that can integrate into you know the services that they provide at the car park your office but then have additional benefits. So the CBD component of a lotion as has really helped people with specific back pain muscle injury that sort of thing.

So we’re currently we haven’t quite fully developed solution yet but we have got a bunch of prototypes out we’ve got a lot of people giving us solid feedback on that. I would expect to see this lotion come out with the next month or so be available commercially beyond our SAB sticks that we currently produce which are we can’t keep up.

Is this so exciting. The lotion I’m going to talk about the sticks in a second but the lotion. So would that be like a white like a body lotion kind of thing like a that type of consistency.

Yeah. Yeah just like any other moisturizer or lotion that’s there’s a bazillion brands that are available out there but the whole thing with with our model is that we want to source everything in the mid Atlantic.

Yeah. Yep. From your own fields essentially. That’s correct. Yeah.

The Best Hemp Oil On The Market

Yep that’s correct. And actually we’ve been talking about adding some other production of herbs and some other ingredients like in our.

Luckily we’re a fairly small farmer so we can do individual plots of oddball things. So like we’re I had a restaurant come at me they want me to grow lentils for them. So like there’s just a off ball kind of sideline example of your average farmer doesn’t grow lentils but I guess we’re not your average farmer. So like we’ve added lentils but like our SAP sticks like one of the ingredients in our cooling SAP is Birch leaf. So in the wintertime we had to buy Birch leaf in that we’re in Pennsylvania Birch grows everywhere. So like right now harvesting our own birch leaves for our own slapstick production which is kind of interesting.
This episode of the CPD cool podcast is sponsored and brought to you by Susquehanna hemp company and Susquehanna hemp company. They’re a little bit different than other brands out there. They’re not offering a discount code. Instead they stand behind their product so much that they will guarantee it. The product is guaranteed if you do not find that you are satisfied with their fine line of CBD products. If you don’t enjoy their tinctures topically or other hemp products you can return them for your full money back. Just email them to find out how to do that. If that ends up being the case but they are so sure that you are going to love the product that you’re going to be back for seconds. So that’s why they’re providing you 25 percent off now your first order but your second order when you will be back for seconds. Make sure to use the coupon code seconds to get that discount so you get a first bottle. It’s guaranteed if you don’t like it write them they’ll get your money back. If you love it come back for a second helping. Use that code word seconds. That’s only for listeners of the CBT school podcast exclusive to our lovely listeners. Use that code word as for Hannah hemp Co. Dot com. I know you’re gonna want to listen to how that’s spelled its s u s q u e h a n and a hemp co dot com. So that Susquehanna hemp co dot com. Make sure to visit there for all your CBT product needs. Local farm to bottle products all locally produced in Pennsylvania and extracted right where they’re grown and use the codeword seconds for 25 percent off your second order with them. If you’re not satisfied with your first just write them and I’ll give you all your money back.

I want to tell people about the sticks check those out. I’ll have those linked of course in the show notes but these sticks are an interesting way to use CBD. It’s a topical and they come in two varieties right now. There’s the cane and the National Right. Or is that with the birch the natural.

Well we have a cooling and a warming concept so the cooling one is the one with birch. The warming one has the warming is kind of like an icy hot sort of thing.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

What Can Cannabis Oil Do For Me?

So he kept in contact with me and I didn’t realize but he was actually one of the ones. Adam Thompson his name. He was instrumental in being part of Pennsylvania. Adopting a research sort of position early on in this industry to have legislation that it would allow us to do research on farms with industrial hemp. So that’s how we began. And obviously as an oilseed processor I’m always looking for things that we can grow here in the mid-Atlantic region add value to farms diversify. Farmers you know potential crops to kind of give them a better chance of making a reasonable income on their farms. So it was very interesting to me is to say OK here we go.

Give this a shot. So that’s why we got started with hemp was it looked like an opportunity. And it’s interesting how it was really kind of shunned early on like people were like Oh what do you grow in that stuff for. But now all of those preconceived notions of happen you know or cannabis in general have really disappeared. And just very quickly in the last year or so and now I get calls all the time from people wanting to grow hemp or wanting my help to consult with them on their farm operation to add hemp into their business in some way shape or form.

CBD Crops

Yeah well it’s it’s a pretty unique plant. I mean for all the controversy surrounding it you’re growing it for so many different uses just on your own. You’re one farm.

Well sure. I mean we’re not growing them all near each other. I rent a lot of farm ground. So like my ground is stretched out. So basically those varieties that are I’m calling the field hemp you know the varieties that were growing for fiber and the varieties were growing for the oil seed. Those are full pollination crops. So you have males and females in the field. Those have to be a pretty decent distance away from CBD crops because when you’re planting CBD you’re planting just female plants. You do not want pollination because with seed production CBD content goes down it could be a real risk. I mean CBD production is is rather expensive in terms of how much the seeds cost how much the plants cost. The intensity of what it takes to grow CBD so it’s really got to be a pretty good eye on details to make sure that you’re not planting your field hemp near your CBD hemp.
Yep yep. So you keep them quite far away.

Different CBD varieties

Yeah I’ve got one. I have a oilseed variety that’s about five and a half miles from my CBD variety in my CBD varieties actually up on top of the mountain the other hemp variety is down in the bottom of a valley.

I’m hoping it’s not an issue. I guess I’ll let you know in three months if it’s an issue in the CBD fields you plant it all just females ready right. That’s correct. Yeah yeah. We have about 14 acres of CBD production right now.

Which Is The Best Cannabis Oil For Me?

Yeah that’s a lot actually. I mean it’s unbelievable how much you can get from just one acre.

It really is. Unfortunately I have trouble saying no. Sometimes and I see opportunities and sometimes I go bigger than I should.
Well you know I think it’s the time to do that in this space. So I can’t say enough how nice it was to buy the seed things from you in a female to know they were just all females you know because all my energy and taking care of those plants I think I’ve got about 20 from you I knew that they were all there was some guarantee in there.
Well sure.

CBD Oils On The Marketplace

Which CBD Oil Is Best For Your Needs?

This episode of the CPD cool podcast is sponsored and brought to you by Susquehanna hemp company and says By to have company they’re a little bit different than other brands out there they’re not offering a discount code. Instead they stand behind their product so much that they will guarantee it the product is guaranteed if you do not find that you are satisfied with their fine line of CBD products. If you don’t enjoy their tinctures topically or other hemp products you can return them for your full money back. Just email them to find out how to do that. If that ends up being the case but they are so sure that you are going to love the product that you’re going to be back for seconds. So that’s why they’re providing you 25 percent off now your first order but your second order when you will be back for seconds. Make sure to use the coupon code seconds to get that discount so you get a first bottle. It’s guaranteed if you don’t like it right then they’ll get your money back. If you love it come back for a second helping. Use that codeword seconds. That’s only for listeners of the CBD school podcast exclusive to our lovely listeners. Use that codeword as source for Hannah ham co dot com. I know you’re gonna want to listen to how that’s spelled its s u s q u e h a n and a hemp co dot com.

Your CBD Product Needs

Make sure to visit there for all your CBD product needs. Local farm to bottle products all locally produced in Pennsylvania and extracted right where they’re grown and used the codeword seconds for 25 percent off your second order with them. If you’re not satisfied with your first. Just write them and I’ll give you all your money back.

Rainy morning in Pennsylvania. And talking with Josh of Susquehanna company who’s my guest for today. So Josh welcome to the show. Hey good morning. How are you doing. I’m doing well Josh and I happen to be in the same exact state and we’re both from here right. You’re from Pennsylvania. Yeah. Born and raised. What do you think of these rainy summer mornings. I guess Pennsylvania is kind of like a jungle now because it rains every day.

It’s a little challenging on the agricultural front. But it’s certainly good for growing things. We’re getting more rain than other parts of the world which is good.

I was wondering as long as it doesn’t flood and you just get kind of rain every day consistently it’s going to be great for the crops right.

Some some plants do not do well with excessive rain like we’re growing quite a bit of field hemp or we’ve got some oilseed happened some fiber hemp varieties that are planted and those actually do not do very well with a tremendous amount of rain. Mike last year we had record breaking amounts of rain. So our our crops in the field actually did suffer quite a bit.
Yeah. So you grow all kinds of half which would you say are the most challenging varieties.

Well obviously now our CBD hemp is is just kind of a new frontier for us.

We’re trying to evaluate genetics. We’re trying to evaluate varietals planting techniques you know how much water how little water how much fertility do we need all of those variables. And just trying to we’re trying to learn as we go because the the book really hasn’t been written for production here in Pennsylvania. So we’re kind of creating our our new book if you will.
Yeah. And I I’m taking care of my plants that I’ve bought as little seedlings from you every day. They’re quite large now compared to when I got them from you.

Buy CBD Oil Today

Sure sure. It seems like the biggest growth of CBD varietals happens like in the third week. They they kind of have to get acclimated to where you plant them and then they start to take off. Yeah.

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